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We integrate ideas, people and technologies in developing measurement and control automatic systems to improve products, processes and buildings quality, efficiency and sustainability. The commitment is measuring for improving, thus helping all those who realize products or offer services to do it in the best way, saving time, money and respecting the environment. Our clients and partners are the world leaders in their markets, from Automotive to Home Appliance, from Environment to Health Care. The market is global, with installations in more than 40 countries in the world. Today about 40 young researchers, professional people and scientists dedicate to the development of cross solutions by integrating for us new technologies and then transferring them to the reference markets, always maintaining the strain towards the continuous improvement at very high levels. Health, energy, environment, safety, comfort: these are the issues on which very high level networks are created as well as researchers communities oriented to exchange and to the common goal of improving the life quality through the technologies development and integration. The operative method is “realizing turn key solutions” with a strong technical and innovation know-how, integrating the technologies acquired through collaborations with Universities and Research Centres, internally developed and then transferred to the industry and service productive and communicative processes. The approach is like being in an atelier, where every client has his own measures, his needs, his goals we contribute to reaching. Every Technological Atelier represents the knot of a competence network constantly updated and available to the Customers, Collaborators and Suppliers. Read more http://www.loccioni.comloccioni

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