5th NEXT Steering Committee 20th – 21st November 2014 Hotel Sumarice, Desankin venac St, BB – Kragujevac (Serbia)

The Fifth NEXT Steering Committee meeting will be held in Kragujevac between the 20th and 21st of November. The project is coming into the final phase of its implementation. The information system – NEXT IS – had been completed in its final version, ready to be populated by local stakeholders (start-ups, RTCCs, “innovactors”), uploaded with information (big data) regarding projects and market opportunities, inter-connected with other database by sharing “open data” regarding the innovation sectors and fields. NEXT Blog needs to be fostered and feed by the partner in order to come a working tool to communicate with the community at local and macro-regional area. The population of the information system is symptomatic and propaedeutic to improve services addressed to the real needs of users. Data analytics will support partners in order to decide what kind of service should be implemented. Finally, the external evaluator had joined the project and with its support partners can improve the project actions and results. Relevant will be also the contribution of the evaluator to the finalization of NEXT Suite, the business plan for the future sustainability of NEXT information system as the first and hopefully most important application of the “open data” exchange system of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region, the Adriatic-Ionian Cloud.

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