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Marche Regional Authority – Innovation, Research and Competitivness of productive sectors Unit – Lead Partner Next

imageInnovation, Research and Competitiveness of productive sectors Unit (I&R Unit) is one of the 6 units of the Industry and Craftsman Department of the Marche Region. It is composed of 7 internal staff members. Regarding the drafting and implementing of CB projects, the Unit can be supported by the regional development agency “SVIM”. This is a company (100% share owned by Marche Region) with a total staff structure of about 25 members covering all phases of project cycle. Both the Unit and SVIM headquarters are well equipped with all the office and web tools necessary for the successful CB projects implementation and joint partnership coordination. In the last 3 years, the I&R Unit has injected in the regional economic tissue about 100 ml Euro from EU and State funds stimulating private investments (for about 300 ml Euro) in research, technological transfer, innovative practice, creation of spin-off, etc. to increase regional enterprises international competiveness.

SEAT Pagine Gialle

imageSeat PG Italia is a full-service business partner which offers businesses 360-degree support for promoting their activity on the Web, through a nationwide network of 74 agencies (Seat Media Agency) and over 1,300 agents in Italy. Seat PG Italia’s Web marketing services range from website and mobile site construction and management to the creation of multimedia content, from activities regarding Web visibility to e-commerce and Web marketing services, from managing social network presence to couponing. These tools sit alongside “ traditional” print and voice tools. Seat PG Italia also offers consumers an ecosystem consisting of multimedia, mobile and print tools which make it easy to find businesses, institutions, people and services even when on the move. Seat PG Italia’s figures (2012 data): about 2 billion searches on its media, a customer base of about 400,000 SMEs, a database listing 12.5 million households and over 3 million businesses; a total of 44 million volumes (PagineGialle, PagineBianche, TuttoCittà), over 14 million calls (to the directory assistance services 892424 PPG and 12.40 PPB) and about 460 million hits from the Web and mobiles, and on advertisers’ online and mobile sites ( ,  , ). Read more:

AITA: Albanian ICT Association

imageThe Albanian Information Technology Association was established in 2007 on the initiative of some of the Albanian companies operating in the IT sector.

The organization works towards:

• Identifying, recognizing and addressing barriers to growth in the IT sector; • Being the leading voice of the IT sector in the country; • Promoting the Albanian IT products/services in and outside Albania; • Introducing and encouraging the expansion of internationally accepted IT standards in Albania; • Supporting innovation in Albania; • Driving IT education, and improving curricula in the sector of IT.

SVIM: Sviluppo Marche Spa

imageEstablished under Regional Law No.17 of 1th June 1999, Svim – Sviluppo MArche SpA – is the Development Company of the Marche Region. Today the Marche Region is the company’s only shareholder, as definied by Regional Law No.33 of 16th December 2005. Svim operates exclusively with the Marche Region and plays an important role in the implementation of the regional development policy. Its aim is to transform into regional projects both the objectives defined within the ROP (Regional Operative Programme) and the strategic lines deriving from consultation with all organizations concerned.


imageInvitalia, after a profound strategic, organisational and behavioural change effected over the last four years, is now a modern development agency, like those demonstrating the best results in many countries, working alongside the Government to generate growth mechanisms throughout the nation, with particular attention given to the South. They have invested primarily within the Company to strengthen its role as authoritative interlocutor for anyone who wants to invest in Italy and work for the development of the regions.

Italian Week in Albania


From 5 to 7 of May, the first Italian Week edition in Albania was held in Tirana under the patronage of the Italian Embassy with the participation of ICE, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Albania, Confindustria Bari – BAT and Unioncamere Puglia.

Main goal of the event was the presentation of numerous business opportunities Albania has to offer in some of the priority sectors such as energy, tourism, manifacturing and agriculture.

Albanian Investment Development Agency

imageThe Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), is the Albanian public agency whose mandate is to promote Albania as an investment destination to facilitate and support direct investments in Albania, to increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized Albanian enterprises, and promote and support Albanian exports of goods and services by providing support services as well as financial assistance to exporting companies.

AZRRI: Agency for Rural Development of Istria Region Ltd, Pazin

imageThe Agency for Rural Development of Istria, Pazin is a limited company 100% owned by the County of Istria, and works closely with all county authorities and businesses, especially with the Department of Agriculture of the County of Istria, on joint projects especially for linking the public and private sectors, and projects that build the public infrastructure for the rural areas of the county. AZRRI was the first agency of this kind in Croatia with a specific purpose to coordinate production-wise activities into rural areas of Istria.

Mini-conference: “Science meets Economy”

imageRepresentatives of the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd. participated at the Mini-conference: “Science meets Economy” on May 6th, 2014 in Zagreb.

The Mini-conference: “Science meets Economy” was held on May 6th, 2014 in Zagreb. There were more than 250 participants present: many different ministry representatives, science and economic experts, directors of national and regional companies as well as small and medium entrepreneurs.