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V Stock of entrepreneurial idea

On this occasion, we inform you that an open competition for application ideas for the fifth market of entrepreneurial idea that will take place on 09 May 2015 at UDG. We remind you that the turnover on the stock exchange last year reached 25,000.00 eur, while some of the ideas already evolved into a business! Given the success of the project in previous years, the concept of the Exchange is already known. The Stock Exchange of entrepreneurial ideas is a meeting place for supply and demand. On the “supply” there are business ideas, and on the “demand” companies and institutions that want to invest in new business ideas. The top 10 ideas will have the opportunity to present themselves before the party “demand” on the Day of European Countries 09 May 2015. Traditionally, presentation are followed by a quotation.  After quotations will be held sped up meetings of entrepreneurs and students and researchers. The best 30 ideas will be presented in the fourth edition of the book “The Book of ideas.” What is important to emphasize that the representatives of “demand” will be able to invest in all the ideas you find in this edition of the book, but are not presented. The competition is open to all high school students from Montenegro and Europe! More information on

iDEALAb project

Fostering students’ entrepreneurship and open innovation in university-industry collaboration is a TEMPUS programme supported project with general objective to advance employment and self-employment potential of graduates from WBC and enhance innovativeness of companies by fostering students’ entrepreneurship, creation of business start-ups and open innovation approach in collaboration between universities and enterprises. The project will achieve this by developing a co-creative and supportive environment – iDEA Lab network, which will encourage and foster students’ entrepreneurial intent and at the same time support open innovation approach. The principal results will include: 6 iDEA labs and their network in WBC with trained staff; developed and realized trainings for students and companies, established regional Market for ideas, developed students’ start-ups and open innovations with companies, revised and adapted curricula. These results will provide infrastructural resources necessary to secure project sustainability beyond its lifetime. Results and best practice will be actively diffused and exploited at national, regional and European level. One of the iDEAlabs will be located within the University of Donja Gorica, NEXT project partner institution. Cooperation between the NEXT and iDEAlab will further enhance NEXT’s goals, and support the transfer of knowledge and technology.

The Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme

The Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme supports collaboration between scientists from NATO member states and those from Partner countries associated with NATO (see ‘Framework of the Programme’). Grants are given for workshops, training, and multi-year projects which are focused on research topics relevant to NATO’s objectives. All activities funded under the Programme must address topics that are proposed in response to those Key Priorities. The SPS Key Priorities, which are in line with NATO’s Strategic Objectives and formally approved by the NATO Political and Partnerships Committee (PPC), are reviewed on a regular basis. Partner nations which have developed Individual Partnership Action Plans (IPAPs) or Individual Partnership Programmes (IPPs) identify their national and regional priorities in those documents. Activities are based either on applications submitted by individual experts/scientists (bottom-up activities) or are developed by the Emerging Security Challenges (ESC)/SPS Working Group (top-down activities). Top-down activities are initiated in response to specific needs (pressing priorities identified by NATO divisions or Committees, requests from partner countries, important issues identified by Global Partner countries, etc.).

Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators Call 2014 (currently open)

This call is issued for up to two to three positions as part of WWTF’s Life Sciences funding programme. It addresses Vienna-based research institutions that intend to hire an excellent young researcher from abroad for the set-up and management of an independent research group. WWTF takes unconventional research careers into consideration in total grants up to 1.6 Mio. € per research group for six to eight years. Full proposal have to be submitted by 24 July 2014. Decisions are planned for December 2014. Hearings of selected candidates will take place in Vienna End of November/ beginning of December. A Vienna Research Group is an assembly of researchers that launches individuals in their post-doc phase onto their next career step. Typically it is the first “genuine” group led by such a young researcher who undertakes leadership responsibility for several group members. Vienna Research Group leaders usually are two to eight years after PhD; care duties may extend this period by up to four years. WWTF intentionally aims this initiative at very young researchers. Vienna Research Groups operate for six to eight years. Key milestones are: (i) an interim evaluation after three to four years; and (ii) the end of the “first” phase, chiefly financed by WWTF, after five years. The second phase will depend on the framework and opportunities available at the home institutions and will run for one to three years. Funding by WWTF is supplemented, particularly in the second phase (i.e. years 6, 6-7 or 6-8), by a significant rise in financing by the home institution. Vienna Research Group leaders are to be independent in designing their research work and recruiting their staff.

Entrepreneurship education (Pan-European entrepreneurial learning initiative)

Publication date 11-06-2014 Deadline Date 20-08-2014 +17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
Budget €350,000 Main Pillar Supporting Entrepreneurs
Status Open OJ reference Not published in OJ
The ambition is to support a network and a virtual hub on entrepreneurial learning. Its members will act as promoters of entrepreneurship education at European level, helping to increase the exchange of information and good practice and to improve the coherency and synergies between the many initiatives taken nationally and regionally. The action will include: – The creation of an interactive on-line tool for policy makers and experts in the field, where participants will be able to exchange information and practices, and to promote entrepreneurial learning at European level; – The selection and presentation of inspiring examples of policy initiatives and strategies adopted at national and regional level, to be made available to policy makers and to all those who are interested in developing entrepreneurial learning;

National Conference: Education, science and business-Joint potential – Montenegro

Considering the mentioned objectives of the project, from 2nd to 4th of April 2014 was held National conference “Education, science and business-Joint potentials” at University of Donja Gorica and Hotel Maestral in join organization of Faculty for information system and technologies and Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, two national partners on NEXT project. National conference “Education, science and business-Joint potentials” was part of work package 2, Communication and Dissemination; measure 2.2; activity: organization and management of local actions in accordance with the Communication plan. Main aims of these conference are compatible with general and specific objectvies of project customized for Montenegro: 1. Presentation of NEXT project to business and research sector and disemination of information between these two sectors; 2. Identification of potential stakeholders in business and research sector in Montenegro; 3. Detection of problems in business and research sector related for inovation; 4. Recommendations for improvement sectors of development an research in business and research institutions; 5. Networking between bussines and research institutions; 6. Promotion of investment opportunities; 7. Presentation of future activities on project: work shops and roundtables, participation in the International Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas and Day of Research.

Report form IV International Stock of entrepreneurial ideas


 IV International Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas

  On Europe Day – 9th May, UDG was traditionally organized International Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas, fourth in a row. The goal of the International Stock is to foster the development of entrepreneurship, and business ideas, first of all, of high school and university students from Montenegro and the region. International Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas sends a message of awakening the entrepreneurial skills of students and young people in Montenegro. The International Stock brought together representatives of 30 of the most successful Montenegrin companies that, as a “demand” sides, bought up the ideas of young entrepreneurs. The International Stock is an event where high school and university students present their business ideas (“offer ideas”). This year 92 ideas were reported. The ideas are processed in accordance with the methodology established by UDG. The organizer has performed a preliminary selection of the applicants’ ideas and chose top 10. Accepted business ideas were presented at business ideas ranking, and according to the Rules and regulations of the business ideas ranking on the International Stock, they had the opportunity to be presented to “demand” sides. The ideas that did not qualify among top 10 are presented in the special edition of “The Book of Ideas” and presented companies had the opportunity to make a bid   for these ideas, too. All these ideas represent “Offers” at the stock market. The presentation of the IPA Adriatic project, NEXT Collaborative platform to support research and technology transfer was held within The IV International Stock. The presentation introduced the goal of the project, the establishment of an international web platform that will enable communication between business and the research sector in the Mediterranean region, as well as future activities.  Bearing in mind that the participants of the stock, “demand”  sides, are Montenegro’s largest companies (which employ 11 000 people in Montenegro), and that on the “offers” side were faculties  from the region, the sole aim of the project is practically displayed here. All participants received a booklet of project. This event has taken on a regional and even European character, and  this year turnover at INTERNATIONAL STOCK OF ENTREPRENEURIAL IDEAS has reached 25,000.00 EUR.  The participation of sponsors and leading companies from Montenegro is an additional guarantee for the development vision of the event. You can find detailed report in attachment.