Crowfunding platforms in Italy

CrowdfundingCrowdfunding is an activity collects money to sustain an initiative from a large pool of backers—the “crowd”—usually made online by means of a web platform. The initiative could be a nonprofit campaign (e.g. to raise funds for a school or social service organization), a political campaign (to support a candidate or political party), a philanthropic campaign (e.g. for emergency funds for an ill person or to produce an emerging artist), a commercial campaign (e.g. to create and sell a new product) or a financing campaign for a start-up company.(Wikipedia) In Italy there are many platform dedicated to this goal: DeRev ‎ – a platform for creating social innovation, offers a toolkit for projects (named Rivoluzioni). The platform did receive an investment of € 1,250,000 on august 2012, and the headquarter is in Naples. Siamosoci helps companies to collect money from private citizens, and enables investors groups to access information for investment. Headquarter in Mila CrowfundMe is a crowfunfìding-equity based website, enabling investors and businessmen to connect. Headquarter in Milan WeAreStarting – online platform for crowfunfìding-equity based activities related to italian market. Focused on startups,. Based in Bergamo. Smartika – Based in Milan, the platform is a social lending initiative, privies known as Zopa Italia. Boober  is a peer to peer social lending platform. Born in Netherlands, is now based in Bergamo. Produzioni dal Basso – Pdb is the oldest italian crowfunding platform, it connects investors and new ideas. Eppela – Is a general and reward based platform, founded on 2011. It collects funds mainly for art, tech, cinema, design, music, social innovation and writing projects. Kapipal – Founded on 2009, it’s a site to collect money for personal projects. Free. Starteed  – Based in Milan, the platform allows users to create an own one and to sell directly their products. COM-Unity  – Based in Modena. Owned by Banca Interprovinciale SpA, the platform funds projects in social, humanitarian, cultural and scientific fields. Prestiamoci‎ – A social lending website, Prestiamoci is online since 2009 connecting investors and entrepreneurs. Based in Ivrea. Starsup – A crowdfunding website recently created and invested by Consob, the financial italian authority

State aid approved for research programme in the field of green chemistry

State aid: Commission approves aid of €43.65 million for the IFMAS research programme in the field of green chemistry The European Commission concluded that the aid granted by France to the IFMAS public‑private partnership for the development of plant-based plastics and bio‑based paints was in line with EU state aid rules. In particular, the Commission felt that the project would help to achieve EU targets in the area of science and the environment without unduly distorting competition in the European internal market. Joaquín Almunia, the Commission Vice-President in charge of competition policy, said: ‘The advances envisaged by this ambitious project would make it possible to substitute plant-based products, in particular plastics and paints, for those based on hydrocarbons, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. Public financing will help to implement a project whose scientific and environmental impact is indisputable.’

New EU funding opportunities for your R&I project/idea: Horizon2020

HORIZON2020 is the new  program launched by the commission to support Research and Innovation for securing Europe’s global competitiveness as foreseen by the Europe 2020  flagship initiative,  Innovation Union. It  combines all research and innovation funding previously channeled  through the Framework Programmes for Research and Technical Development (FP7), the innovation related activities of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). If you want to learn more about Horizon2020: One of the important innovative element of Horizon2020 is the high relevance given to the participation of SMEs, for which the program foreseen a new devoted financing stream: the SME instrument. It offers financial resources for business innovation support from idea to market, covering the three stages of the full innovation and start up creation cycle (proof-of-concept, innovation development and commercialization). In addition, a coaching and mentoring scheme is provided exclusively to beneficiaries of the instrument in order to accelerate the impact of the funding provided. If you want to learn more about the SMEs instrument download the brochure: Horizon2020 call are open! You can easily find the call better fitting with  your need here: