Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CEED)

CEED is a scientific and research institution founded to foster economic development through entrepreneurship. The mission of the Center is that through its programs, projects and efforts promote and effectively implement the idea of ​​free markets in Montenegro, entrepreneurship, to strengthen the role of private property in an open and democratic society and the rule of law. For more than fifteen years of its existence, CEED has participated in important programs and projects, which have resulted in the improvement of the business environment in Montenegro and policy-making on the basis of objective and accurate analysis.

Business Start-up Center Kragujevac

BSC Kragujevac is a non-profit organisation whose field of action is local economic development. BSC Kragujevac has become a recognizable brand, a trusted organisation, with distinctive expertise in the field of entrepreneurship development, human capital in Serbia and competitiveness of human resources, i.e. the economy in the environment. The core of the organisation is made of professional, dedicated and reliable team of four employees, volunteers and a network of experienced local and regional experts. Projects, activities and BSC services are predominantly focused on:
  • informal education in the field of business and entrepreneurial skills,
  • providing consultant services in business, human resources development, small and medium companies development and
  • providing financial support to young people who want to start their own business or to develop the existing one (microcredit line)
With consulting services, it supported over 150 companies and young entrepreneur men and women. Over 300 newly work positions have been opened due to the BSC overall support for the last 5 years.

Office of Business center Cetinje

A key objective of the Local Business Center was providing institutional support for entrepreneurship. In June 2011., between the agreement of the Directorate for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises an the Capital Cetinje, Office Business Center Cetinje formally became organ of local government. Office now provides free support to all entities interested in business registration , and existing entrepreneurs on the territory of Cetinje. The operation of the Business Center Cetinje is related to the free support to farmers . Among the activities mentioned authority of the city administration, it include  the following tasks:
  • Analysis of the current situation of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Provide advice to citizens on the occasion of the structure and business registration.
  • Providing information on legislation.
  • Business plans.
  • Preparation of investment projects.
  • Feasibility studies .
  • Making development projects .
  • Making special studies to order.
  • Statistical monitoring of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Royal Capital of Cetinje.
  • Help in marketing , Management, organization, mediation between SMEs and consulting agencies, and other relevant and practical information.
  • Business correspondence , translation , logistics and other support.
  • Research development potential of Cetinje.
  • Making contact with foreign investors.
  • Participation in the formation of business incubators.
  • Preparation of training programs for entrepreneurs in specific areas.
  • Informing citizens and entrepreneurs in the field of energy efficiency.
  • Informing citizens about credit lines and access to banks.

Banja Luka Start up Centre

BanjaBenefits of startup entrepreneurship, among other things,are:
  • speed to market,
  • stimulating the state’s economy,
  • business success and profit.
Successful startup companies typically have exponential growth. Therefore, if a company is not in the short term success recorded, the investment in it is minimal. Startup Entrepreneurship is one of the special form of lifestyle as these entrepreneurs are innovative and creative business people interested in different things. Accurate data on the number of startup companies in BiH does not exist, but these are considered those that operate within the IT and ICT sector. Official statistics on the success of these companies also do not exist, but according to international research, about 10 percent of the startup ideas experiencing success in the classical sense. Innovation Centre Banja Luka has signed agreements with four new start-up companies, from which Interfob Consulting and Technology SW enters into business incubator, a Smart Speed ​​Bump and Luke Sol in the preincubation phase. Two teams that have entered the stage of preincubation, are available for six months free use of the facilities and services of the Innovation Centre to develop their products to the expiry of this period to register and turn right at start up company. The idea is that small and medium-sized businesses offer legitimate software, which is free, and performs all existing tasks. Here more infos: zdravko@startbih.infowww.e/

State of the Net, fourth edition

sotnHeaderOn 13-14 June, in Trieste, will be held the forth edition of State of the Net (SotN) ( The meeting is a web-dedicated conference that tries to capture the state of art of the internet in Italy and worldwide, focusing on its impact on our society. On June 12, The Area Science Park that hosts the conference organizes a brokerage event ICT4inclusion (, addressed to SMEs, manufacturing companies, R&D centres, universities, professionals working in the ICT sector willing to network at a local, national and international level.