Rinascimento in Lombardy Region

Schermata 2014-11-20 alle 10.21.17Lombardy Region held in Milan, on 13 and 14 November, a major conference in collaboration with DG Enterprise & Industry of the European Commission. The subject was the regional policy and the innovation. One of the axes of Europe 2020 is the Regional policy, seen as a tool to respond to the financial crisis and trigger innovation in 360 °. The Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) wants to give practical tools for member countries to enhance the excellence of the territories, making the continentale economy more competitive. Emerging Industries are the result of the regional policy through clusters and specialisation activities. On the website of the conference are documents setting, and soon will be published the conference proceedings. Here a background paper on the theme of regional policy in relationship with innovation.

Presentation of Feasibility study for the use of biomass in order to utilize wood waste – 17.11.2014. at 13:30, Technology Park Intera in Mostar, Oslo Hall

Regional Economic Development Agency for Herzegovina – REDAH is organizing, on Monday 17.11.2014., presentation of Feasibility study for the use of biomass in order to utilize wood waste, for the purposes of Wood Cluster Herzegovina. Main objective of this activity was to support wood cluster in utilizing wood waste, biomass and to create the Feasibility study for the use of biomass. In that sense, following results are expected: Creation of a study that will analyze the existing wood processing companies or other categories of companies whose production processes generate solid wood waste -biomass, which is linking them in a network of potential regional suppliers. Furthermore, testing the reliability and long-term capacity (10 years) for supply of biomass. Results of the study will include assessing the annual quantity of solid wood waste – biomass by types, energy potential, methods of collecting and processing and assessment of market prices. Based on the analysis of the data collected, proposals for the use of biomass will be given, which bring the greatest economic and social benefits (such as heating, cogeneration, power plants, pellets). The objective of this study is to evaluate the potential of biomass in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, as well as the potential of biomass that is accessible by the largest wood processing company in the area of Herzegovina. As part of the Feasibility Study is necessary to perform quantification of the structure of solid wood waste – biomass that can be used for energy purposes.The study covers a detailed analysis of the existing wood processing companies in Herzegovina, and beyond, as well as commercial companies engaged in the management of forest areas in the region of Herzegovina, but also in the area of wider FB&H. The study has been recognized as necessary and was done in the framework of project Collaborative platforms to support research and technology transfer – NEXT. NEXT, project co-financed through ETC program “CBC IPA Adriatic 2007-2013”, involves 11 partners. Lead beneficiary of the project is Marche Regional Authority – Innovation, Research and Competitiveness of productive sectors Unit, other final beneficiaries are Puglia Region – Economic Development Department – Research and competitiveness unit, Regional Council of Shkoder, Foundation “Partnership for Development”, Istrian Development Agency, Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje, Association for Economic Development REDAH, City of Šibenik, University of Donja Gorica, Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology-University of Mostar, Chamber of Economy of Montenegro) and 2 Associates (Mountain Area Development Agency- Albania and Italian National Agency for invar investments and business development – INVITALIA S.p.A., based in 6 different countries (Italy, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro). The project NEXT foresees to set up a platform that can be shared among actors of the Adriatic region, with the aim of integrating strengths present at regional level and fostering cooperation, with a focus on its economic results. The platform will provide both on line and offline services, targeting local authorities and institutions, stakeholders as Universities, research centers, technology transfer centers and SMEs and last but not least, investors.

Technical Meeting 21st November

In cooperation with Marche Region as Lead partner of NEXT Project, the City of Šibenik organises a technical experts meeting in Kragujevac on 21st November (it will start parallel with 2nd day SC meeting – 9.30 am). At the SC meeting on 20th November City of Šibenik experts will present full functionality of “NEXT IS” platform to all partners, but technicians meeting is crucial in order to better define of all tech details and remaining issues of the NEXT IS platform. City of Šibenik will secure participation of 2 developers from service provider and two internal experts, also Regione Marche will secure participation of their experts. All partners have to appoint their experts to this meeting, and will communicate their name to City of Sibenik no later than 18th November to the following email address: kresimir.kovac@sibenik.hr

5th NEXT Steering Committee 20th – 21st November 2014 Hotel Sumarice, Desankin venac St, BB – Kragujevac (Serbia)

The Fifth NEXT Steering Committee meeting will be held in Kragujevac between the 20th and 21st of November. The project is coming into the final phase of its implementation. The information system – NEXT IS – had been completed in its final version, ready to be populated by local stakeholders (start-ups, RTCCs, “innovactors”), uploaded with information (big data) regarding projects and market opportunities, inter-connected with other database by sharing “open data” regarding the innovation sectors and fields. NEXT Blog needs to be fostered and feed by the partner in order to come a working tool to communicate with the community at local and macro-regional area. The population of the information system is symptomatic and propaedeutic to improve services addressed to the real needs of users. Data analytics will support partners in order to decide what kind of service should be implemented. Finally, the external evaluator had joined the project and with its support partners can improve the project actions and results. Relevant will be also the contribution of the evaluator to the finalization of NEXT Suite, the business plan for the future sustainability of NEXT information system as the first and hopefully most important application of the “open data” exchange system of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region, the Adriatic-Ionian Cloud.

Presentation of the Competition process “Your Innovative Idea” Tirana, 06.November 2014

Last 06 november the Foundation “Partnership for Development” (PfD) organized the Meeting for the launching of the Competition “Your Innovative Idea” The Competition was organized by PfD in collaboration with the EPOKA University, in the framework of the NEXT Project 023 “Collaborative Platform to support research and technology transfer” funded by European Commission in the framework of IPA Adriatic Program. This competition is intended to promote the “SMART PEOPLE”, generate innovative ideas that provide solutions, minimize risks and maximize impact through the technology and intelligent methods, contributing to the development of various sectors of the economy by improving the life of citizens. During the event were made: presentation of the NEXT Project; presentation of the competition process;  presentation of the application form to the students. The message  launched in the event was: “Apply your innovation  idea, you have chance to become owner of your idea. Today is the time of innovation and technology, and whoever better than you have the chance to generate new ideas…”  

Meeting for the launching of the Competition “Your Innovative Idea” – On November 06, at 11:00 EPOKA University, in Tirana

On November 06, 2014 at 11:00 hours nearby the premises of the EPOKA University, in Tirana/Albania, will be organized the Meeting for the launching of the Competition “Your Innovative Idea” The Competition will be organized by the Foundation “Partnership for Development” (PfD) in collaboration with the EPOKA University, in the framework of the NEXT Project 023 “Collaborative Platform to support research and technology transfer” funded by European Commission in the framework of IPA Adriatic Program. This competition is intended to promote the “SMART PEOPLE”, generate innovative ideas that provide solutions, minimize risks and maximize impact through the technology and intelligent methods, contributing to the development of various sectors of the economy by improving the life of citizens. The Foundation “Partnership for Development” (PfD) invites students, professors and the actors interested to participate in this Event, in order to be acquainted with the procedures and details of the applications and the evaluation criteria and process of the innovative ideas.   Foundation “Partnership for Development” (PfD) NEXT Project Management Unit

Pitch event in Milan next 18th november

The event is being organised by Backtowork 24 – a service company of Il Sole 24-Ore Group -.
A pitch event consists in meetings between managers, start-up, innovative entreprises and private investors (funds, venture capitals, seed-capitals) in order to catch good opportunities in the capital private market (extra-bank) for financing innovative and promising projects.
More information are at disposal here.


NEXT Match-making events (Marche Region and Montenegro) The first NEXT match making event took place in the frame work of the fair Innovactors (http://blog.adriatic-next.eu/match-making-event/), organized by NEXT Lead Partner Marche Region in June 2014. The match making aimed at helping SMEs, Universities, research centers of different countries  to get know each other and to start cross border cooperation. In fact, almost 70 actors from Montenegro, Albania, Italy (Marche and Puglia regions), Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia took part to the event, coming from the Agro-food, the ICT, Construction and renewable energies, and Social science and Humanities sectors (see the match making catalogue for details: file:///C:/Users/Elisabetta%20Zeni/Downloads/catalogo-stampa.pdf) The event, based on the “speed dating” format, offered the opportunity to meet in a smart and informal way, several potential partners during pre-arranged, bilateral face to face meeting in order to: • Get to know new research and business partners located in the Adriatic Ionian Region • Promote products and services in an international context • Indentify solutions for specific problems • Find cooperation partners for EU and National funded projects The 68 participants (48 SMEs and 20 CRTT, of which 14 stemming from Marche Region) confirmed the success of the initiative through the answers they gave to the feedback questionnaires: 31% rated the event as excellent, 35% as very good. In terms of impact, the event allowed more than 50% of participants to identify possible area of cooperation, declaring at least three contacts that gave a follow up after one month. Positively, 24% has declared the start up of an official cooperation, already one month after the event took place.   We will be following up the paths SMEs and CRTT that participated in the first NEXT match making event will be going in the near future….Stay tuned!     NEXT partners have been also starting promoting and organizing match making events. Firstly, Sandra Tinaj, General manager of University of Donja Gorica and senior staff in NEXT project presented the format of the match making event and illustrated the opportunities it generates. The presentation took place in the framework of the event From innovation to business – organized inside “Regional XIX Milocer Development Forum 2014″ by Faculty for information system and technologies in cooperation with Association of Economics and Managers of Montenegro, University of Donja Gorica and Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities. The NEXT event From innovation to business was attended by 400 participants, 70 eminent participants from sector of business, science and politics (see: http://blog.adriatic-next.eu/from-innovation-to-business-16th-and-17th-september-2014-hotel-maestral-budva/). Secodnly, the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro participated within NEXT project at Festival of ICT held in Budva, form 29th September to 04th October 2014. INFOFEST is known as the biggest ICT event in the region, that gathers huge number of companies from all over the world. This year more than thousand representatives from more than 20 countries participated at this event (http://blog.adriatic-next.eu/next-event-organized-by-chamber-of-economy-of-montenegro-within-the-regional-fair-of-informatics-achievements-infofest-2014in-hotel-maestral-milocer-in-budva-from-september-29th-to/). The aim of such participation was to present current activities of CoE in ICT area supported by NEXT project within ICT cluster and to ensure further cooperation through matchmaking of relevant ICT companies that for the future NEXT Collaborative Platform. Within the framework of INFOFEST, NEXT second Match Making event has been organized; 53 companies held 120 bilateral meetings and presented new and innovative business solutions realized in past years, opening the way to new cooperation in the next future. Stay tuned on NEXT Blog  for learning the first results of the Montenegro Match making event, to be published soon!

Triple Helix Association – Webinar programme – 2014-2015

The Triple Helix Association is launching its inaugural series of webinars We are delighted to announce our first series of webinar programmes which we are launching this Autumn. The webinar programme will focus on emergent topics in the triple helix interface and is designed to promote practical discussion within THA membership community and beyond. We plan to hold 6 webinars a year starting in November 2014. The first webinars in the series will focus on the topics we identified from our discussions with THA members and include expert talks on:
  1. From the ivory tower to the Entrepreneurial University – 4th NOVEMBER 2014, 6 PM CET
  2. University Rankings, the Triple Helix Model and Webometrics: Opening Pandora’s Box – 20th FEBRUARY 2015
  3. Critical success factors in University-Industry partnership – APRIL 2015
  4. Academic freedom and proprietary knowledge – JUNE 2015
  5. Developing innovation ecosystems in the Triple Helix context – SEPTEMBER 2015
  6. Coming soon
Each webinar talk will be hosted by an academic and a practitioner to give participants a balanced perspective on the topic. We anticipate a great demand for the series and urge you to reserve your place promptly. The webinar schedule and speakers will be announced shortly – watch this space! The annual webinar programme is FREE to the THA organisational members. Individual members can participate FREE in the first 3 webinars. To access the entire program individual members can either subscribe a new regular organizational membership (200€) or upgrade their membership to the organizational level by sending an email to: mlaura.fornaci@triplehelixassociation.org Non-members are welcome to join the webinars by joining our Association For additional information: info@triplehelixassociation.org

Workshop: Innovation and research in international cooperation – The NEXT project and the Adriatic and Ionian Macroregion – Bari 16th September

The Puglia region organized inside the Fiera del Levante, the workshop “Innovation and research in international cooperation – The NEXT project and the Adriatic and Ionian  Macroregion”. The event was attended by stackholders of Apulia and in particular representatives of companies, research centers and public authorities. The speaker presented the services offered by the project NEXT and its important implications in helping companies who want to invest in the Adriatic territories. Great emphasis was given to the usefulness of the results of the project within the strategy Adriatic and Ionian. The participants were very satisfied and expressed much interest in the services and the development of the project NEXT.