ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs

Deadline: 09/12/2014 Number: FoF-09-2015
Emerging innovative ICT technologies and processes need to be customized, integrated, tested and validated in order to strengthen European SMEs. Specific Challenge: For Europe’s competitiveness in manufacturing, it is crucial that advances in ICT are taken up in engineering and manufacturing “at large” as soon as they have the appropriate maturity level. Two types of innovation experiments are supported: Driven by the requirements of first-time users, Application Experiments bring together all actors of the value chain and experts necessary to equip new users with novel products or services and assist them in customising and applying these in their respective environments. In Equipment Assessment Experiments, suppliers of innovative high-tech equipment install and assess their prototypes or products in production-like environments and validate them in a manufacturing line or in an industrial environment that is very close to manufacturing conditions. Activities are expected to be clustered in larger projects to achieve critical mass and to better exploit EU-added value. Common tasks include: targeted dissemination; management of calls for new actions; exploitation of synergies across actions. The action may involve financial support to third parties. The consortium will define the selection process of additional users and suppliers running the experiments for which financial support will be granted (typically in the order of EUR 50 000 – 150 000 per party).  Maximum 50% of the EU funding should be allocated to this purpose.
  1. Three areas of technologies are targeted for the Innovation actions::
–        Highly flexible and near-autonomous robotics systems (application experiments). –        HPC Cloud-based modeling, simulation and analytics services for modeling multiple interconnected phenomena; –        Integration of Cyber-Physical-System modules in manufacturing processes and process chains.

Tirana: Your Competitive Idea

In the framework of NEXT Project 023 “Collaborative Platform to support research and technology transfer”, the Foundation “Partnership for Development” (PfD) in collaboration with the National Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation (ARTI) and the Faculty of Economy in Tirana, launched the 1st Competition “Your Innovative Idea “ on 30 June 2014, at the premises of the Faculty of Economy of Tirana University. This iniative that started up with this first meeting nearby the premisses of the Faculty of Economy, will continue to spread up all over Albanian territory, through promotion and informative meetings and campaing with all potential actors and stakeholders that wish to promote and launch their innovative idea or/and project and will be open up to 15th of November 2014.

In the framework of project NEXT, Istrian Development Agency (IDA) has organized a working group

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In the framework of project NEXT, Istrian Development Agency (IDA) has organized a working group oriented to decision-makers, universities, research institutions and the private sector. The meeting was held on June 3rd, 2014 in Pula. Activities presented at a meeting aimed at establishing cooperation between research institutions, technology transfer centres, private entrepreneurial sector and the development sector in the local area, this contributes to the development of cross-border collaborative technology platform, sharing of knowledge, skills and experience of researchers from RTTC METRIS with other researchers in cross-border regions involved in the project.

Developing Region through Collaboration


Istrian development agency (IDA) has organized, in the frameork of the project NEXT, Local Working Group targeting Policy makers, universities and centers for research and technology transfer. The meeting took place on the 26th May 2014 in Pula. The activities presented during the meeting aim at supporting universities and CRTT to build relationships with the local communities located in the Adriatic basin. The event will constitute an opportunity to learn about the project and the opportunities it provides to the CRTT cited in the Region of Istria; besides, it will be an important occasion for starting dialogue and gather feedback, expectations and needs from the innovation actors to which NEXT intends to respond. The objective of NEXT project is the set up of a collaborative platform that supports the ‘innovation and technology transfer in the countries of the Adriatic’, through the creation of : • a virtual space of integration and cooperation (online platform) for sharing information and for access to common services for matching supply / demand for R & I in the leading sectors of the territories involved; • an orientation for the design of strategies for projects development, provided to the actors involved (companies, universities, research centers) in order to integrate and capitalize knowledge and encourage the transfer of technology, particularly in the areas of specialization of the Adriatic –Ionian Region.