how to explain a research result to a potential user

Writing a exploitation concept statement is a critical task, whether starting a company to pursue the new opportunity or seeking to continue with research activities. You should be able to clearly and briefly describe the nature of the exploitation action in a short document of one to two pages. This exploitation concept is then tested for feasibility prior to the preparation of a the exploitation plan. It is common for the initial concept statement to change during the life of the project with the feasibility testing and the writing of the plan for using your results. This “concept development “ tool helps to collect and shape the information needed for fine tune the description of an exploitable result to be presented to a potential user.

Triple Helix Association – Webinar programme – 2014-2015

The Triple Helix Association is launching its inaugural series of webinars We are delighted to announce our first series of webinar programmes which we are launching this Autumn. The webinar programme will focus on emergent topics in the triple helix interface and is designed to promote practical discussion within THA membership community and beyond. We plan to hold 6 webinars a year starting in November 2014. The first webinars in the series will focus on the topics we identified from our discussions with THA members and include expert talks on:
  1. From the ivory tower to the Entrepreneurial University – 4th NOVEMBER 2014, 6 PM CET
  2. University Rankings, the Triple Helix Model and Webometrics: Opening Pandora’s Box – 20th FEBRUARY 2015
  3. Critical success factors in University-Industry partnership – APRIL 2015
  4. Academic freedom and proprietary knowledge – JUNE 2015
  5. Developing innovation ecosystems in the Triple Helix context – SEPTEMBER 2015
  6. Coming soon
Each webinar talk will be hosted by an academic and a practitioner to give participants a balanced perspective on the topic. We anticipate a great demand for the series and urge you to reserve your place promptly. The webinar schedule and speakers will be announced shortly – watch this space! The annual webinar programme is FREE to the THA organisational members. Individual members can participate FREE in the first 3 webinars. To access the entire program individual members can either subscribe a new regular organizational membership (200€) or upgrade their membership to the organizational level by sending an email to: Non-members are welcome to join the webinars by joining our Association For additional information:

Workshop: Innovation and research in international cooperation – The NEXT project and the Adriatic and Ionian Macroregion – Bari 16th September

The Puglia region organized inside the Fiera del Levante, the workshop “Innovation and research in international cooperation – The NEXT project and the Adriatic and Ionian  Macroregion”. The event was attended by stackholders of Apulia and in particular representatives of companies, research centers and public authorities. The speaker presented the services offered by the project NEXT and its important implications in helping companies who want to invest in the Adriatic territories. Great emphasis was given to the usefulness of the results of the project within the strategy Adriatic and Ionian. The participants were very satisfied and expressed much interest in the services and the development of the project NEXT.

From innovation to business – 16th and 17th September 2014 Hotel Maestral, Budva

NEXT event “From innovation to business” was organized inside “Regional XIX Milocer Development Forum 2014” by Faculty for information system and technologies in cooperation with Association of Economics and Managers of Montenegro, University of Donja Gorica and Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities. NEXT event From innovation to business were attended by 400 participants, 70 eminent participants from sector of business, science and politics. Participants from Montenegro, region and Europe. Creativity, inovations and design are discussed trough different types of pannels, workshops, roundtables and also, in the focus of conference were banks and capital market. Namely, the purpose of this event was to analyze importance of innovations, creativity and design for development. Main aims of these conference are compatible with general and specific objectvies of project customized for Montenegro: 1. Presentation of NEXT project to business and research sector and disemination of information between these two sectors; 2. Identification of potential stakeholders in business and research sector in Montenegro; 3. Detection of problems in business and research sector related for inovation; 4. Recommendations for improvement sectors of development an research in business and research institutions; 5. Networking between bussines and research institutions; 6. Promotion of investment opportunities. Introduction about Match Making event was presented by Sandra Tinaj, General manager, University of Donja Gorica and senior staff in NEXT project: THE ADRIATIC PLATFORM FOR RESEARCH & INNOVATION . Each sector has its own challenges and opportunities. Businesses in the creative industry excel in designing and producing art, music, buildings and games. But there is unexplored potential in marketing these products. The food and horticulture sectors aim to expand their international positions. The energy sector sees opportunities in the development of renewable energy sources. All top sectors have a strong international position. Industry and science share a wealth of knowledge and jointly develop innovations. Products and technologies produced by these top sectors contribute to finding solutions to societal issues. The food and horticulture sectors for instance invest in developing healthy foods for consumers. This will help reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism rates.

Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje organized “Workshop with local stakeholders and actors of innovation” – Science and technology park, Cacak 23rd September

Last 23 September, the Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje organized as part of the project NEXT activities, the event “Workshop with local stakeholders and actors of innovation”. The meeting was attended by the stackholder of the project and in particular industrialists, researchers and officials of state organizations. During the event was presented the project NEXT and the services that will be offered. To the participants, who were very interested in the activities and services offered by the project, will be sent a questionnaire on the upcoming NEXT platform, in order to better understand the needs to which the project intends to meet. Participants also agreed that it is necessary at the international level a networking activity and it is essential to link the public sector with the private

“IT sector in Montenegro – current state and development preconditions”, Budva from September 29th to 3rd October 2014

Chamber of Economy of Montenegro is going to organize the event devoted to NEXT Project implementation under the title ‘’IT sector in Montenegro – current state and development preconditions” from September 29th to 3rd October 2014. The event is to be held within the regional Fair of informatics achievements INFOFEST 2014, hotel “Maestral”-Miločer, in Budva, which traditionally assembles the leading ICT companies originated from the whole Mediterranean area, with the highest registered participation of IT enterprises from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, BiH and Albania. The bilateral meetings of regional companies will be organized on September 30th and on October 1st . On the exhibition stand of Chamber of Economy which is going to be open and interactive from September 29th to 3rd October, the leading 22 Montenegrin IT companies that registered for the event will promote their results in creating products with incorporated higher technological level and advancement of services they provided. The presentation devoted to analysis of current state and development perspectives of IT sector in Montenegro is planned for September 30th. The event is organized within the Fair of informatics achievements INFOFEST 2014 because IPA projects that are directed to technology transfer and innovations as NEXT Project is, represent the logical orientation for those IT companies whose market survival depends on preparedness to adopt lacking knowledge and skills. Having in mind the current declining competitiveness of domestic IT companies after the decade of growth, B2B meetings will be used to shift the negative tendencies through opting for regional cooperation, clusters, tight specialization which produces higher added value, economy of volume and joint applying for EU funds.