Academicus ISJ, balcan scientific journal

Prof. Arta Musaraj has published on Linkedin this news, related to the Academicus Journal: Dear Authors, Readers and Collaborators of Academicus ISJ, It’s a great satisfaction to announce you that Academicus ISJ becomes the first Scientific Journal in all Balkan area that becomes part of an electronic repository. RePec, one of the 4 biggest electronic repositories in the world, has included in its electronic repository all works published in Academicus, as future works will also be deposited there. All authors have now protected and guaranteed their works published in Academicus ISJ, as part of the humanity scientific heritage and Academicus is once again holder of the most advanced standards of publishing and shows once again its institutional responsible for the protection of the intellectual property and heritage. Click at the Academicus website. Be yourself part of the Academicus network on Facebook and Twitter. Click “Like” on its Facebook Page and “Follow” at its Twitter Page to be updated with latest news. Team Academicus, International Scientific Journal

Marche Region ROP ERDF: III Call for Innovation

Launched by the Marche Region interventions of the new community program to promote research and development, innovation of business processes and the use of new digital technologies in the areas of smart specialization. The first call provides for contributions in c / capital to companies and research organizations for projects aimed at the introduction of new technological solutions and products / services or innovative processes in the areas of home automation, mechatronics and manufacturing sustainable. The second call provides for the granting of vouchers to support innovation processes of SMEs, stimulating investment in new digital technologies, technological modernization, the development of marketing plans, methods evolved design and eco-design and the protection of property intellectual. As part of the ROP ERDF 2014/2020 was launched a new action to strengthen the planning capacity of SMEs, supporting their participation in Thematic programs directly managed by the European Commission in the areas of smart specialization. The notices will be published in the Official Bulletin of the Marche Region of Thursday, April 16, 2015. Information seminars were organized in the region with the following link:

MOU: Italian Embassy in Tirana and Marche Region

ItaEmb The Italian Embassy in Tirana and Marche Region (P.F. Innovazione Ricerca e Competitività) did sign a Memorandum of Understanding related to Next project, as a cooperation field in promoting Adriatic-Jonian Macro Region strategy. Here you can read the MoU MOU ALB_MR (italian text) The Embassy will put at disposal of Marche Region the open data related to Albanian business and research centers to push cooperation with italian business for commercial partnerships and R&D activities. Marche Region will contribute with NEXT IS platform and services, the blog and the newsletters to strengthen the cross border networking for technology transfer and competitiveness of the area.  

NEXT Adriatic Investment Forum 18 March 2015 H 14.30 MiCo – Milano Congressi Venue: Amber 5

Debate about latest trends of entrepreneurial ecosystems within the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region. During the event the contribution of regional stakeholders will be presented together with the point of view of entrepreneurs. The debate will develop around demand and supply issues among issues connected to accessibility of services though NEXT-IS platform and their relevance in the international arena.  Objectives  
  • Showcase the approach to entrepreneurship by Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region stakeholders (both public and private) and frame it into the international dimension
  • Present business cases to a wide international audience
  • Exploit potential for further actions beyond the NEXT project
  • Promote the business and project matchmaking through NEXT-IS platform
  Expected results  
  • Allow stakeholders from the NEXT partnership to present in front of a potential audience of investors and peers.
  • Access to international practices to be further investigated/exploited to strengthen Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region entrepreneurial ecosystems
  Expected Output  
  • opportunities for further partnerships investigated by the NEXT partners thanks to the meeting held during the GEC 2015
  • at least 100 new registered users to

The 1st National Competition “Your Innovative Idea” – 20 February 2015, Tirana

Foundation “Partnership for Development” Albania The 1st National Competition “Your Innovative Idea” organized on 20 February 2015                                    Foundation “Partnership for Development” in collaboration with the Agency for Research and Technology Innovation, in the framework of the Next Project activities organized in Tirana Albania, on 20 February 2015, the 1st National Competition “Your Innovative Idea”. This competition was intended to promote the “SMART PEOPLE”, generate innovative ideas that provide solutions, minimize risks and maximize impact through the technology and intelligent methods, contributing to the development of various sectors of the economy by improving the life of citizens. The Competition was attended by the personalities of central and local Institutions, representatives of Innovation and Researches Institutes, Academics, Universities, business community, etc.  The innovative ideas have been presented by the competitors before the Jury composed by Academics, Professors, and Researchers. The organization and the presentation of this Competition were accompanied by emotions, excellent presentations and debate between competitors and audience.  At the end of the presentation, three innovative ideas have been evaluated with the Excellent Price, three innovative ideas with Merit Prices and the rest innovative ideas with the Evaluation Price. Foundation “Partnership for Development” is convinced that this initiative will directly contribute to the NEXT Platform by furnishing and supplying it, in a sustainable way, with the proposals of these excellent innovative ideas with the aim to find the collaboration between partners in the future, realizing into the projects, for the development of the economy by improving the life of citizens. Please click the link to see the event

BIOerg, new startup from Università Politecnica

BIOerg, biotech startup, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Next Equity, one of the equity crowdfunding authorized platforms by Consob. Next Equity, founded in Civitanova Marche launched his first campaign: BIOerg comes from the world of scientific research, founded by two young women, Giulia and Alessandra Cinti Micozzi. The company was the first funds from the winning E-Capital – business plan competition (20 thousand euro) and Footprint units (5 thousand), an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce for female entrepreneurs. The two founders, coming both from the University Politecnica delle Marche with different experiences of research and teaching, have combined their expertise in the fields of biology and economics of enterprise.

BIOerg is working on dextran, natural molecule (a polymer of glucose) obtained by fermentation and today used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry – it has a high market price-, which fluctuates between 300 and 3000 € per kilo depending on the purity of the product.

NEXT IS: A platform for innovation actors

NEXT IS: A platform for innovation actors One of the basic reasons of inequality in the distribution of wealth, a current and burning problem, is derived by asymmetry of information in terms of distribution and access. Information is value, today more than ever, in terms of quantity, quality and speed; his tenure makes the difference. Since it has never been rich and abundant as today, some selection and interpretive grids are crucial. The project NEXT was born addressing the issue of sharing know-how, data and information, in relation to research and innovation in the Adriatic-Ionian region. A place historically affected by trade and relations, who has never managed, in history, to become an integrated market at large. The project, involving some actors in the territories concerned, has aimed to build a virtual place, a platform to substitute, anticipating them, the peculiarities that the area will take within the initiative of the European macro-region. NEXT IS, developed by the City of Sibenik partner in the project, is the platform that is in charge to spread and make visible the relations among the territories that NEXT covers. It does so by monitoring and publishing projects, patents, organizations, structures in the partner countries, accompanying them with information and news events, and starting discussions on critical issues. Which advantage can NEXT IS provide to a business owner? First, you can retrieve information about the context of the partner countries: NEXT Trend presents a scenario articulated on each territory involved in the project, with the description of the productive sectors, and gives a set of parameters that help dimensional. The Country Outlook defines in a homogeneous format, the main characteristics of the country: economy, swot analysis, the presence of clusters, the structure of venture capital, main referents. In a short time you can retrieve information that would require a constant presence on the field or major investments. The targeted search for innovative partners is available by accessing NEXT BOX, a repository of presentations focused on Centres operating in the territories, and verifying its activities through the blog posts of NEXT. Since one of the major problems by businesses is access to financial instruments, in addition to the data of the Country Outlook and reports of European calls, the project provides on the Blog a self assessment tool that allows the firm to identify the crucial information to present to venture capital. The services on NEXT IS are then duplicated by Marche Innovation Platform, in the system’s cloud Marche Region. While NEXT IS assumes the role of promoting a collaborative dialogue, in the spirit of open innovation, Marche Innovazione assumes the task of presenting all that this dialogue on NEXT IS consolidates in projects and is certified. Ultimately NEXT provides businesses an ecosystem made of information and tools that can enable them to play a leading role in the first person in the macro-region, anticipating processes rapidly becoming.

Marche Regione Experience from Smart Specialization

Marche Region’s experience on international cooperation starting from Smart Specialization The workshop “Monitoring Smart Specialization – A new Architecture for Transnational Cooperation” took place on 11th December 2014 at Centre Cultural el Born in Barcelona, and was organized as the final event of the CITEK Capitalization project financed by the MED Programme in collaboration with the European Commission – JRC. This final event at the same time constituted the starting point for a more structured discussion on monitoring in smart specialisation and focused the discussion on how regional and national actors can work together to develop effective monitoring mechanisms. Marche Region representative presented the smart specialization strategies developed by Marche Region, one of the first Italian regions that registered on RIS3 Platform and that took part to IPTS Peer Review workshops.  Marche Region’s S3 strategy focuses on 4 main sectors: mechatronics, ambient assisted living, sustainable manufactory, welfare and wellbeing.  For the implementation of the strategy several  priorities have been defined such as fostering collaboration between SMEs and research and innovation institutions, supporting international networking, creating favorable conditions for new  innovative businesses and implementing ICT instruments such as technological platform. In order to transform these priorities into actions, Marche Region has foreseen in its Regional Operative Plan interventions aiming to the creation of  new partnership between universities and enterprises,  spin offs and start ups,   services and infrastructures, as well as SME placement of researchers and new and wider collaborations between European and international  research and innovation stakeholders. During the intervention, Mrs. Torelli presented some of the tools that Marche Region is going to launch for the implementation of its RIS3. One of these tools is the NEXT-IS Platform developed by the NEXT project “Collaborative platform to support research and technology transfer” financed in the second call for proposals of the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme. This platform has the purpose to support the cross border networking between Marche Region and Macro Adriatic Ionian Regions starting from Smart Specialization Strategy approach. Marche Region is going to use the NEXT platform to launch call for proposals for supporting the participation of SME to EU calls. Furthermore, NEXT IS platform can be further enlarged and adapted in order to be used as a tool for monitoring the implementation of the strategy. Anna Torelli, Marche Region, Dpt. for Research, Innovation and Competitiveness

NEXT-IS Platform Presentation by Ms Sara Giannini, Marche Region Councillor for Productive Activities, Research and Innovation

Thanks to the project NEXT, Marche Region has been increasing and updating information available, regarding both innovative SMEs and innovation projects. In fact, as underlined by Ms Sara Giannini, Marche Region Councillor for Productive Activities, Research and Innovation in the course of the press conference held in January 2015, the project NEXT is a mechanism of mutual recognition of innovative SMEs, is a dynamic data base, that feeds itself through the virtual getting- in-contact of SMEs coming from different contexts.   NEXT objective is to foster internationalisation and to support the open up towards new markets; this perfectly fits into the Strategy for the Adriatic Ionian macro region, which aims to discourage SMEs form Marche region to delocalize, supporting at the same time their cooperation with other SMEs located abroad. Ms Giannini also said that SMEs international cooperation needs to be guided, but such a process is possible only if there is a solid knowledge of territories involved.   This knowledge is achievable thanks to the platform NEXT IS. Through NEXT IS in fact, defined as the searching engine targeting innovative SMEs and CRTT in the Adriatic basin, the innovation actors from Marche Region can acquire knowledge about the possibilities offered by the Adriatic Ionian cooperation, through the availability of information linked to applied research and innovative entrepreneurship in the area. All partners of the project NEXT, 11 organizations coming from 6 countries of the Adriatic Ionian macro region, are actively contributing to building up knowledge as well as to sharing big data. Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy and Serbia are concretely working together in order to realise the first service of the Adriatic Ionian Cloud. Numbers are relevant, since NEXT IS includes already 814 project, of which 32 are macro-regional projects; 3.086 patents, of which 82 are macro-regional ones; 839 innovation actors, 109 already active at macro regional level;  17 private investors looking for start up and innovative macro-regional projects to finance; 10 information services, that aim at increasing the level of internationalization in the area. NEXT IS will be available also on tablet and smart-phone, in order to offer a smart and easy access to detailed information on market potentials of the countries of the Adriatic basin, on the geo-location of the innovation actors, on the  local development programmes and the financing available from public and private sources. To quote Ms Giannini again, Next’s objective is, among other, to better exploit and utilize EU opportunities provided through the regional operative plan and other European programmes, like Horizon 2020. In this framework, the Marche Region provides local stakeholders with a set of guidance services targeting SMEs willing to apply for grants in the framework of EU programmes for basic and applied research  projects  – Horizon 2020 ( and Cosme (, through the NEXT Info-point: ; it started offering also  tutoring services for the identification and access to risk capitals, targeting high growth potential start up and orientation and assessment service to apply to EU programmes grants for innovation ( NEXT IS, the NEXT Info point and related services targeting SMES and start up have been presented to the local innovators community through 4 road show between the 19th January to 06th February 2015, that saw a participation of around 200 SMEs and consultants. Francesco Cuddemi