Marche Regional Authority – Innovation, Research and Competitivness of productive sectors Unit – Lead Partner Next

imageInnovation, Research and Competitiveness of productive sectors Unit (I&R Unit) is one of the 6 units of the Industry and Craftsman Department of the Marche Region. It is composed of 7 internal staff members. Regarding the drafting and implementing of CB projects, the Unit can be supported by the regional development agency “SVIM”. This is a company (100% share owned by Marche Region) with a total staff structure of about 25 members covering all phases of project cycle. Both the Unit and SVIM headquarters are well equipped with all the office and web tools necessary for the successful CB projects implementation and joint partnership coordination. In the last 3 years, the I&R Unit has injected in the regional economic tissue about 100 ml Euro from EU and State funds stimulating private investments (for about 300 ml Euro) in research, technological transfer, innovative practice, creation of spin-off, etc. to increase regional enterprises international competiveness.

Metris, research in Istria

Schermata 2014-05-19 alle 10.28.36The research centre for metals in the Region of Istria – METRIS was established within the project Research Centre for Metal Industry in Istrian County – MET.R.IS. The contract of co-financing of the realization of the project , worth 740.000,00 EUR, was signed on 30th September 2008. The European Commission participated in the project with 485.440,00 EUR (65.60%) and the duration of the project was 14 months, i.e. until 30th November 2009. The project MET.R.IS. has been approved for co-financing within the New Adriatic Cross-Border Neighbourhood Programme  financed from the PHARE 2006 fund. It achieved the highest number of points on the ranking list of the projects evaluated by the committee and won the first place and the largest budget awarded to a project. The Partners in the project were the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) d.o.o., which is also the project leader, the Istrian County and the Italian Province of Venezia, with the support of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture from Zagreb and the Technical School, Polytechnic Studies in Pula. The main goal of the project was the creation of an infrastructural basis for innovative research and development in the metals industry in the Istrian County with the purpose to improve the level of the research and development projects put into operation and to influence the competitiveness of the Istrian and Croatian metals industry on the global market. The specific goal of the project was to provide research and development services for the small and medium sized metals industry operators (SMEs) in the Istrian County.

AITA: Albanian ICT Association

imageThe Albanian Information Technology Association was established in 2007 on the initiative of some of the Albanian companies operating in the IT sector.

The organization works towards:

• Identifying, recognizing and addressing barriers to growth in the IT sector; • Being the leading voice of the IT sector in the country; • Promoting the Albanian IT products/services in and outside Albania; • Introducing and encouraging the expansion of internationally accepted IT standards in Albania; • Supporting innovation in Albania; • Driving IT education, and improving curricula in the sector of IT.

Agronomski i prehrambeno-tehnološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Mostaru – Partner NEXT

Agriculture and Food Tecaptfhnology is a higher education institute of the University of Mostar , which educates and develops human resources for the agricultural and food industries .

It began its work in 1994. , And was officially registered with the High Court ruling of the court in Mostar in Mostar number U/S.9/98 . The emergence of this college is the result of increased demand for education staff for agriculture as a very important activity within the development strategy of the region and beyond, as well as an important segment of the national economy .

At the first meeting of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Agriculture , University of Mostar in 1994. Was elected dean prof . Dr. be . James Cup , a decision of the Governing Council of the University and endorsed . On the way of development of the college , there were many difficulties in terms of accommodation , staff and equipment , and it gradually solved and completed the so Faculty now has a severe form and content capable of providing services that are meant to him .

Faculty development will go towards ensuring the best possible conditions for normal teaching process , as well as other supporting activities . The curriculum is projected study of the general direction , which in these conditions corresponds to real needs . Also planned is a postgraduate program that will provide an opportunity for further training of personnel who will partially tie their future work in this university.

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University of Donja Gorica -UDG Partner Next


Research Units

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CEED), is the first economic think-tank established in Montenegro to support entrepreneurship and economic development. The mission of the CEED is—through its programs, projects, and advocacy activities – to promote and practically implement in Montenegro the ideas of a free market, entrepreneurship, and private ownership in an open, socially responsible and democratic society with the rule of law. Since its establishment more then 15 years ago, CEED participated in implementation of important programs and projects which resulted in improvement of business environment in Montenegro and policy development based on objective and reliable analyses.

Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognosis

The Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognosis (ISSP) is the leading independent economic think tank in Montenegro, serving as:

  •   An institution to set the agenda for advocating reform;
  •   A vehicle to communicate economic change through data, analysis and publications; and
  •  A training ground for a cadre of young economists, analysts, lawyers and other experts to understand the elements and analytical requirements for economic transformation.

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AZRRI: Agency for Rural Development of Istria Region Ltd, Pazin

imageThe Agency for Rural Development of Istria, Pazin is a limited company 100% owned by the County of Istria, and works closely with all county authorities and businesses, especially with the Department of Agriculture of the County of Istria, on joint projects especially for linking the public and private sectors, and projects that build the public infrastructure for the rural areas of the county. AZRRI was the first agency of this kind in Croatia with a specific purpose to coordinate production-wise activities into rural areas of Istria.