Chamber of Economy of Montenegro – Partner NEXT

montenegroThe Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro is an autonomous, business, professional and interest-basted organisation of business organisations, banks and other financial organisations, personal and property insurance companies, and entrepreneurs doing business in Montenegro (MoE 2009: 38). Within CCE, eleven sub-associations exist.

Functioning as a link between the private and public sector, CCE provides information and training services to its members to strengthen their position in the market, by means of continuous updates on the standards and legal regulations of the EU and the WTO, staff and management training for a more efficient transfer to business operation in compliance with EU rules and standards (MoE 2009: 57

Basic Activities
• Improving business operations
• Education
• Fostering research and development
• Business information
• Organizing activities in the field of economic relations with foreign
countries and companies
• Encouraging good business practice and business ethics
• Certificate issuing

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