Editorial: Innovation is the best way

Innovation is the best way to strengthen Marche Region production system. The first regional calls on the new European Operative Plan (Por Marche ERDF 2014-2020) were introduced by Marche Region Research and Innovation office to the business and academic world during a meeting held at the auditorium of iGuzzini (www.iguzzini.it) in Recanati on 12.03.2015. These first calls are three opportunities, said Ms Sara Giannini, Regional Minister for Industry Research and Innovation, to support priority sectors according to Marche Region Smart Specialization Strategy . “By granting vouchers to local SMEs, Marche Regions intends to support the ability of companies to exploit the opportunities offered by digital technology and the creation of partnerships between highest level consultants and our small and micro enterprises in order to participate to European projects” . By stimulating networks between large , small medium enterprises and research and innovation centers , we aim to facilitate the contamination between large and small business in order to keep production chains in the territory and offsetting globalization with production specialization,” said Mrs Sara Giannini. “Marche Region is going to a direction of great quality. The crisis, which is coming to the conclusion, has imposed to synthesize our objectives, our priorities and focus on those resources that we have. There are all the necessary conditions for our Region to intercept the economic recovery and allow companies to make a leap forward in the direction of quality, innovation, research and implementation of new production systems. ” These actions will have a significant impact on employment: “The transversality of sectors that are touched by the three calls, especially activities that will be funded and which relate mainly to product innovation, the financing of patents and the aggregation of business networks – said the regional Minister – need very qualified professionals, but also a production capacity equally qualified, so I think that what we offer is definitely a challenge for the university system, for technology transfer centers, for companies, as well as an opportunity for the qualification of the workforce, that will be largely supported by the European Social Fund. ” According to Adolfo Guzzini (Chairman iGuzzini Lighting), “we need to think global and act local”. Addressing to the audience, Mr Guzzini argued: “ladies and gentlemen, the crisis has passed, because today we have a situation favorable overall, despite everything. Euro-dollar parity, pushing exports; low cost of oil; low cost of borrowing , ever had; reforms of the Renzi government that go in the right direction. We have broadband, an airport that connects us with the world. We have all the resources to do it. The associations are working to make the team, because the success of a business goes through the quality of human resources and lifelong learning. ” To the event took also part the General Director for Industrial Policy and Competitiveness of Ministry for the Economic Development, Stefano Firpo who outlined the new facilities for national research projects and smart specialization, which can count on a budget of 5 billion euro. Finally, Prof. Fulvio Esposito, Italian Delegate for the European space for research, highlighted the opportunities offered by the Italian Research Plan in order to synchronize public and private research to Horizon 2020 challenges. Regional Minister for research and innovation and productive activities Mrs Sara Giannini.

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