EU: Synergy among innovation funds

FESR_HorizonThe EU Commission did publish a very useful paper to understand how does work the financing innovation and competitiveness enhancing projects with Horizon 2020 and ESIF (European Structural and Investment Funds). Obviously, it’ no allowed the double financing: same cost financed twice by any budget. Instead synergies, that’s joint coordinated efforts to achieve greater impact and efficiency, are allowed not only combining ESIF and Horizon funds money in the same project. Synergies can be achieved through:
  • bringing together Horizon and ESIF money in the same project (a single action or a group of coordinated actions;
  • successive projects that build on each other;
  • parallel projects that complement each other
  • ESIF programmes could also be designed and implemented to take up heigh quality project proposals from Horizon 2020 or other centrally managed programmes, for which there is not enough budget available in the respective programmes.
The EU document is downloadable here: Horizon porsynergies_en

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