INVEstments and COnstruction, an apparently trivial and commonplace idea which is in fact a fusion of the ideas and experiences of managers specialising in buildings, as well as the facilities associated with them.
In just over a decade, the “Group” has founded companies and acquired shares in Europe, North Africa and Asia, as well as North, Central and South America. “INVECO HOLDING” Italy is therefore a multinational group that links and/or controls companies operating in various sectors, including:
CONSTRUCTION Big factories, manufacturing industries with particular expertise in the automotive sector, business and sports centres, significant roadway and waterworks projects (Brazil); detached, demi-detached and multi-level residential housing.REAL ESTATE AND GENERAL CONTRACTOR The activity of “general contractor ” is the “core business” of the group , which can also turn into real estate investments for the construction of large factories, creating an efficient combination between customer and investor. RENEWABLE ENERGIES  Design and implementation of R.E.S. systems (Renewable Energy Sources ) for the production of electricity also in the industrial field (cogeneration and trigeneration systems) . Management of maintenance, administrative and fiscal activities. Read More to: 

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