RIS 3: an opportunity to develop the basis of Next project

S3The New Community Programming 2014-2020 puts Innovation and Research as a pillar of regional development and wedges as ex-ante conditionality the draft of a Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS 3). As regards as Structural Funds, for the ERDF are set two objectives: “Strengthening research, technological development and innovation” and “Strengthening of access, use and quality of ICT.” For the EAFRD, the goal is to “Promote the transfer of knowledge and innovation in agriculture, forestry and rural areas.” According to the RIS 3 Guide, prepared by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), the S 3 is a “trajectory of local development”, focused on a limited number of priorities in terms of sectors of production and/or technology areas on which to focus investments. The strategy should be geared towards building an enduring competitive advantage, based on the ability of diversification and technological specialisation, in order to allow the adaptation of local production systems to the rapid and constant change in the conditions of the economy and the market. The Marche Region has started a thorough discussion with all parties involved, and the Regional Gorvernment approved a document setting out priorities and instruments for the development of RIS 3. Sara Giannini, Councillor for Productive Activities, comments on the process: “We involved the local system of research and innovation strategy and shared with the regional Committee for industrial Policy and Crafts, getting the consent of employers’ associations and trade unions, which have provided useful suggestions. We have held several meetings with stakeholders in the research and production system and with other people who in various ways are involved in the innovation process, in order to gather comments and insights. We are now ready to invest at best the resources that Europe provides for the development of Marche Region “. Areas of specialisation identified by the Marche Region are: Home Automation, Mechatronics, Sustainable Manufacturing; Health and well being, the development of which will also address the challenges and opportunities of the new European framework for research and innovation (Horizon 2020). To ensure the widest possible dissemination of the RIS 3 document on the territory, the Department of Industry has organized an event that was held in Recanati on 11/22/2013 and was attended by representatives of the EU, IPTS in Seville and MISE (National Department for Cohesion Policy). On that occasion, it was also set up a space dedicated to innovation, thanks to the contribution of the projects funded by various EU programs involving the Department of Industry (Next, Iktimed, Jade, Innovage, See Innova, Wider). In particular, thanks to the contribution of the NEXT project it was possible to collect testimonies from different stakeholders attending the event occurred, on the innovative potential of the area and the measures deemed most appropriate contributing to the process of innovation and technology transfer in business and public administration (see Smart innovation People Gallery). Looking to the future, on the basis of its RIS 3, Marche Region is able to engage with NEXT project partners, withthe following main objectives: – Support region partners (EU and IPA members) to share knowledge about RIS 3 methodology and approach – Coordinating strenghts and weakeness to focus on sinergies about common areas of specialisation – Monitoring Key Enabling Technologies and Emerging Industries in the Adriatic basin – Addressing the Horizon 2020 opportunities (sharing projects, networks) Patrizia Sopranzi

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