Mario Spacca: The Adriatic Ionian Macro-region strategy

Mario Spacca, MarcheRegion PresidentThe Adriatic Ionian macro-region represents an innovative way of territorial cooperation among regions and nations with the common goal of an inclusive and sustainable development of the communities that live there. The Adriatic Sea is the origin of our region history. It was the border between east and west and became a sort of extension of the Berlin Wall . When this is gone, the Adriatic was again opened, transforming itself from a frontier line in community. And  on this newfound unity and common origins’ rediscovery of the Adriatic Ionian macro-regional strategy finds its roots . The macro-region represents an extraordinary opportunity for the growth and development of this area, the realization of the process of building a common European citizenship. A strong run by a powerful push from the bottom. Even before the States, were associations and relationship networks to give input to the birth of the macro-region . The Marche Region has always supported and encouraged this strategy. We have worked hard for its realization . Now here we are: the birth of the macro-region will be made official the next Italian EU leadership period, and will be one of the main goals. The European Union is aware of the need to strengthen the weaker side of the continent, the south-east, and married the strategy with great determination. The same was done and continue to do by all European Regions. The Intergroup Adriatic Ionian – which I am honored to chair – the Committee of the Regions, has produced a considerable amount of suggestions, proposals and exchanges of views summarized in a document as contribution to the European Commission. All this in the belief that the needs of communities must be represented in a multilevel governance approach from the bottom to better address the problems and challenges of the Adriatic and Ionian region . We need to develop and implement projects by aggregating the structural funds of the EU macro-region countries and resources of the countries in pre –accession phase. A bottom-up effort that recalls the contribution of institutions , local authorities, economic and social groups and associations. The contribution of Marche Region  to this project route is particularly lively. In the Action Plan, an operational tool of the macro-region, various projects were included with our contribution. Among them, a Cloud Adriatic Ionian Initiative , a no-heavy infrastructure able to quickly communicate the communities of the macro-region. On this goal we have already collected the availability of the INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics ) for collaborating on the project . Another project regards the creation of a school on the French ENA model, to enhance the administrative culture of the macro-regional areas . There are also plans for development of SMEs, especially focused one networks creation, and the theme of physical infrastructures. NEXT is located precisely in this context. Its objective is to create a network of relationships and a platform for the exchange of knowledge among communities of researchers, research centers and companies of the Adriatic Countries. The theme of research and innovation for Europe is the lever to increase the competitiveness of the EU and boosting development. The collaboration among countries to innovate in a sustainable and inclusive way is the core of the new European 2014-2020 Programme. NEXT is a contribution of Marche Region to streghten the Europe 2020 strategy and an important step to building a strong and innovative market in the Adriatic area.     Gian Mario Spacca President of Marche Region


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