National Conference: Education, science and business-Joint potential – Montenegro

Considering the mentioned objectives of the project, from 2nd to 4th of April 2014 was held National conference “Education, science and business-Joint potentials” at University of Donja Gorica and Hotel Maestral in join organization of Faculty for information system and technologies and Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, two national partners on NEXT project. National conference “Education, science and business-Joint potentials” was part of work package 2, Communication and Dissemination; measure 2.2; activity: organization and management of local actions in accordance with the Communication plan. Main aims of these conference are compatible with general and specific objectvies of project customized for Montenegro: 1. Presentation of NEXT project to business and research sector and disemination of information between these two sectors; 2. Identification of potential stakeholders in business and research sector in Montenegro; 3. Detection of problems in business and research sector related for inovation; 4. Recommendations for improvement sectors of development an research in business and research institutions; 5. Networking between bussines and research institutions; 6. Promotion of investment opportunities; 7. Presentation of future activities on project: work shops and roundtables, participation in the International Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas and Day of Research. Taking into account Montenegrin developmnet goals, five sectors were selected for presentation and analysis:  IT sector;  Technology and safety in food sector;  Polytechnics and Civil engineering sector;  Entrepreneurship and Innovation sector and  Tourism sector. Moderators and participants on conference were leading researchers in these sectors and directors and engineers from companies that already have or are developing research sector within their companies. Having in mind that main problem of all bussiness in field of inovation and research are lack of funds, specific attention is given to presentation of new sources of financing which will be on online platform. Also, central lecterure was given from professor Djuro Kutlaca in areas of open innovation, company’s innovation strategy, strategic competence of the enterprise- sources of sustainable advantage over the competing enterprises, organizational culture- definition, elements and influence on organizational innovativeness, idea lifecycle and company lifecycle, concept of knowledge and its role in the innovation process. Distribution of material and dissemination information were aligned with the Communication plan of project, which was adopted in March 2013. Also, The event attracted the attention of the media(published articles in newspapers, on portals and sites of institutions participants). Conference were attended by 200 participants form Montenegrin business and research sector. You can find detailed report in attachment.

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