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Schermata 2015-04-29 alle 15.52.33 On July the NEXT project will end, but we would like to exploit the follow up of a three years collaborative project. So we have made a proposal to NEXT partners that’s open to new ones. You’ll find in attach two papers that explain how we would like to give continuity to NEXT:
  • In the coming years the Italian regions, Croatia and Slovenia, will publish calls for financing initiatives to develop areas of specialization chosen by their Smart SpecializationStrategy (S 3)
  • At the same time the EU through Horizon 2020 will play a similar role.
  • In Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania governments will proceed to strengthen themselves excellence with targeted funding.

This means that in the next 6-7 years, it’s opening a space of opportunities to seize on innovation. In the Adriatic Ionian Macro Region will be therefore to materialize projects and initiatives to address the needs of common development.

As NEXT partners we have the advantage of having built in these three years relations of trust and knowledge that are a precious legacy that we can spend for the future. NEXT IS is the context in which the relationships and opportunities may materialize and be managed.

For instance, Marche Region recently has published a call for project proposals in order to grant a voucher to a local stakeholder with the aim to cover part of projecting costs incurred for the participation, as a Lead or a partner, in a project proposal submitted to a direct European Commission Programmes, as Horizon 2020, Cosme, Life, etc, coherent with its Regional Smart Specialization Strategy areas (mechatronics, sustainable manufactures, wellness and health, home automation). This scheme will be replayed every year for the programming period 2014-2020. Since the EU Programmes target are eligible to beneficiary established in an EU member as well as IPA country, it is very important to share these opportunities for promote among our territories networks and partnerships which are addressed to a common strategic areas. NEXT-IS is the right place to promote such opportunities and share knowledge regarding common innovations sectors.

For this reason you are asked to fill out a form (check the Metodology paper) to indicate what are the most promising sectors of production (for the territories of EU areas of specialization identified) and, as accurately as possible, the calls that in your territory will finance initiatives ( at least until the end of 2015).

The work will help us to configure framework of opportunities in which we can work together, building roped targeted. The final conference of Next project will be the first presentation and discussion of this work.

If you have any problem to fill the document, please contact me:

We would like to have a feed back within the June 20.

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