NEXT event organized by Chamber of Economy of Montenegro within the regional Fair of informatics achievements INFOFEST 2014,in hotel “Maestral”-Miločer, in Budva from September 29th to 3rd October 2014

Chamber of Economy of Montenegro organized the event devoted to NEXT Project implementation under the title ‘’IT sector in Montenegro – current state and development preconditions” from September 29th to 3rd October 2014. Here some photos of the Event XXI INFOFEST was held from 28th of September till 4th of October in hotel “Maestral” – Milocer/Budva. Opening ceremony, together with artistic program and announcement of participants was  on September 28th at 20:30h. Festival program ended on 3rd of October at 20:00h with award recognition for most successful participants and final gathering called “Evening with friends”.. Program of INFOFEST 2104 included exhibitions, panel discussions and presentation contents, such as:
  • Company exhibition
  • Towards presence of mobile broadband access in Europe (12th International conference of regulatory bodies in electronic communications sector)
  • Digital territory of post (IV Regional postal counselling)
  • Contemporary security challenges in the ICT world (counselling)
  • The role of new media in the promotion of destinations (panel)
  • Green Info-Communication Solutions (3rd International Workshop on Emerging Communication Technologies – WECT 2014)
  • The role of citizens in building digital society (panel)
  • Invited expert lectures
  • Importance of ERP implementation in the healthcare system (panel)
  • Implementation of Internet exchange point (presentation and workshop)
  • E-Services in regional  governments (round table)
  • Presentation of most successful authoring works under the public tender of INFOFEST
With great pleasure we emphasize that the relevant ministries of the four countries of the region decided to sign agreement on gradual reduction on the price of roaming services in mobile telephony, during INFOFEST 2014, in the hotel “Maestral”. This important event is derived from the Agreement on cooperation on building of the information society, which, in October 2013, was signed by Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, also on this site. So INFOFEST emerged as the natural place for publication of important regional events that contribute to regional cooperation and quality of life. INFOFEST 2014 had 1.045 registered participants from 26 countries, (a total for period 1994-2013 – 20.058). During INFOFEST 2014, 25 media reported. Beside the official program quality, INFOFEST participants enjoyed excellent atmosphere and series of animation gatherings. More information on: DSC07324 DSC07329 DSC07357 DSC07358 DSC07360 DSC07361 DSC07364 DSC07366 DSC07370 DSC07392 DSC07394 DSC07399 DSC07414 DSC07426 DSC07428 DSC07429 DSC07430 DSC07440 DSC07441 DSC07443 DSC07444 DSC07445 DSC07446 DSC07448 DSC07455 DSC07457 DSC07458 DSC07473 DSC07474 DSC07476 DSC07479 DSC07480 DSC07488 DSC07489 DSC07500

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