NEXT – Local Workshop in Vlora District, 9 April 2014

 10168257_382963328512444_1962371295_nFoundation Partnership for Development, in full collaboration with the communication expert and with the Dean of the University “Ismail Qemali” Vlore Albania, have prepared a small business plan for good workshop implementation in this district. During these days, a meeting was held with the Dean of University, Doc. Aurela Saliaj, and it was explained the idea and the objectives of NEXT Project. As a result, when the parties encountered (PFD and university), they agreed in principle for the adoption of cooperation in the realization of the Workshop. There were completed all modalities and technicalities required for the activity.

On 09 April 2014, it was organized the workshop on the presentation of the NEXT Project. This workshop was attended by representatives of the academic sector, university professors , business community, students, Vlora chamber of commerce and industry etc.

On behalf of the University, Dean Mrs. Aurela Saliaj, welcomed participants and Foundation PfD for this initiative. She made a brief presentation of Vlora University about the innovative activities.

On behalf of PfD Foundation partner in the NEXT project, Mrs Mimoza Preku, project Manager welcomed and thanked the participants in this workshop for the bilateral collaboration. During her speech she explained the importance of NEXT project in terms of better connection between research, innovation and business sector.

The communication expert Mr. Edmond Sheshi presented in PPT NEXT project objectives and activities. During the presentation Mr. Sheshi being in the same time, member of the European network of enterprises brought his experience from EEN platform.

The Students and the participants also, being very actively during this presentation addressed many questions about NEXT project and more particularly, for the implementation of the platform on line.

NEXT – Workshop with Universities and CRTT

Marche Region has organised the first Workshop with Universities and CRTT, that took palce in Ancona on April the8th 2014, in the framework of the project NEXT.

The workshop has been opened by Patrizia Sopranzi, director of the regional department for Innovation Research and Competitivty, who presented the oppurtunities the project NEXT offers in terms of supporting Universities in establishing relations with actors in all countries of the Adriatic basin.

All Universitites present in the territory of the marche Region participated – the delagates were 18.

Besides, the event saw participation of SMEs, through the presence of staff responsible of R&D areas.

The possiiblity to be part of the Smart Innovation People Gallery has been particularly appreciated by participants; the Gallery represents indeed a suitable channel for fostering the matching of all different regional actors. With this regards, SMEs representatives have agreed on being interviewed in the frmawork of the upcoming event INNOVACTORS, that will take palce in Civitanova Marche, form 5th to 7th June 2014.

The workshop constitued the occasion of starting a dialogue with involved actors, aiming at understanding to what extent the project NEXT might give an answer to CRTT needs as well as at collecting suggestions on possible services’ improvement.

Some interesting issues/suggestions emerged. In particular, the importance of defining the priority sectors in order to facilitate the matching between demand and supply and the need of awareness raising actions throughout the regional territory for fostering SMEs participation.

For further information:

The RIS3 by European Commission

Schermata 2014-04-15 alle 17.11.16Facing a reduction of funds after the financial crisis, the EC     decided to launch the Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS 3). The strategy wants to avoid wasting resources: the EC will finance innovation approaches related to the excellences in a specific territory. To coordinate the efforts has been defined the S3 Platform where each european region can upload information about its own strategy. On the platform you can find an interactive Guide.

The platform is also opened to contribution  of non member countries, if you are interested then go here.

Here you can find the Regione Marche and Regione Puglia RIS3 Strategy

Croatia country outlook

Schermata 2014-04-15 alle 10.27.14 One of next project goals is to increase the awareness about the  assets that any territory can offer to the partnership. So, we have  cooperate to settle a Country Outlook with each partner. The sections of the outlook are: Economy and Swot Analysis,  Main economic sectors and clusters, Main data by Global  Competitiveness Index, Finance and Innovation, Stakeholder  directory. Next intention is to enhance data and information all along the project, so at the end we can present a more accurate physiognomy of each territory Here you can upload the Croatia Outlook: CO Croazia

NEXT Conference “Education, science and business-joint potentials”

MONTENEGRO, 2-4 April 2014

IM7_0166Faculty for Information sciences and Technology of University Donja Gorica and Chamber of Economy organized joint conference in Montenegro that gathered representatives of Universities, R&I Centres and SMEs.

The aim of the Conference was to introduce NEXT project to participants and potential stakeholders from relevant sectors in order to get familiar with current and future activies in the project.

First day of the Conference was held at the University Donja Gorica. On behalf of Lead partner, Marche Region, Mrs Ratka Sekulović explained the importance of NEXT project in terms of better connection between reseach, inovation and business sector. She also announced Inovation fair that will be held in the period 05-07 June in Cittanova, Marche region.

Second day of the Conference was organized in thematic round tables related to ICT, SMEs, Tourism, Energy, Agriculture and Food technology. Relevant ideas have been collected for usage of future NEXT ON LINE PLATFORM.

Last day of the Conference, participants visited Adriatic fair on tourism and ecology in Budva.


Friday 6 June, Civitanova Marche (Italy) in the framework of INNOV-ACTORS next infografica immagine tagliataMarche Region is organizing the first MATCH MAKING EVENT related to the Project NEXT. The MATCH MAKING EVENT will take place in Friday the 6th in the framework of the three day fair ‘INNOV-ACTORS: new challenges and opportunities in the European Context’ , where different institutional actors and regional stakeholders will discuss about a participated governance of research and innovation policies. The MATCH MAKING EVENT will bring together Centres for Research and Technology Transfer (CRTT) and SMEs different countries in the framework of bilateral short meetings – where the enterprises, researchers and university representatives from the Marche Region’s territory will be able to meet partner countries’ organizations, in order to initiate transnational networking and potential cooperation. The event, based on the “speed dating” format, offers the opportunity to meet in a smart and informal way, several potential partners during pre-arranged, bi-lateral face to face meeting in order to: • Get to know new research and business partners located in the Adriatic Ionian Region • Promote products and services in an international context • Indentify solutions for specific problems • Find cooperation partners for EU and National funded projects Ask you local organization (Universities, CRT, SMEs) to register by filling in Template for Collection of Interest by April the 28th and submit it! Please send your template for interest collection via email to the NEXT Info Point – Mr. Alessandro Cocca:;

Triple Helix Webinar – May 29

Triple-Helix-v1The Triple Helix of university-industry-government relations is an internationally recognized model for understanding entrepreneurship, the changing dynamics of universities, innovation and socio-economic development. Triple Helix is a model of managing interactions among universities, business and government on common projects. The webinar, organized by the Triple Helix Association in cooperation with the Surrey Business school,  will provide an introduction to the model by examining the fundamental concepts of Triple Helix, the essence of innovation and knowledge and technology transfer, the entrepreneurial behaviour that emerges within the Triple Helix model, and the critical role of institutions. The webinar will be held on May 29, 9,30-11.00 BST. By taking this webinar attendees will be able to:
  • Learn about the origin and the most recent developments of the Triple Helix (TH) model
  • Understand the TH model and how it can be applied for managing Academia-Business-Government (ABG) interactions
  • Learn about institutional practices associated with innovation systems and how to engage with institutions to ignite innovation process
  • Explore the role of institutions as intermediaries and moderating agents for Triple Helix interactions
  • Understand the role and expectations of different innovation stakeholders in the public and the private sector
  • Reflect upon current government innovation policies and the strategic response by industry and universities
  • Learn from successful cases which critical actions across the Industry-University-Government interface can boost innovation at micro and macro scale.
The key panellists are renowned academics in this field that will offer both theoretical insights and inspiring cases and examples: Prof. Henry Etzkowitz –  President of the Triple Helix Association, Editor-in-Chief of the Triple Helix Journal, Director international  Triple Helix Institute (ITHI), Palo Alto, USA, and Visiting Professor at Birkbeck College, University of London, UK. Prof. Mark Casson – Professor of Economics at Reading University, UK, Director of the Centre for Institutional Performance (CIP), Member of John H Dunning Centre for International Business, Centre for Economic History, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Centre for International Business History. To learn more:

Save The Date – INNOV-ATTORI: new challanges and opportunities in the European Context

innov-attori Save the date: 5, 6, 7 of June, Civitanove Marche (Italy) I am pleased to announce that the Marche Region is organizing the event ‘INNOV-ATTORI: new challenges and opportunities in the European Context’. The event will be a place where different institutional actors and regional stakeholders will discuss about a participated governance of research and innovation policies.

The event, which targets local organizations, enterprises and Universities also coming from foreign countries involved in International Cooperation projects with the Marche Region, will be organized in plenary sessions, thematic workshops and B2B meetings. The focus will be on the role that innovation plays in terms of enterprises’ development. start-ups creation and public administration efficiency.

Furthermore, a expo area will be set up, where enterprises located in Marche Region will present technological solutions, prototypes, and innovative services that resulted from financed projects.

I kindly ask you to insert this event onto your agenda; I believe in fact that this event will be important for focusing on the role innovation actors are nowadays called to play.

A detailed agenda of the event will follow soon.

With my best regards, Sara Giannini Marche Region councillor

Conference: Developing Region through Software Development

Mostar, 11.04.2014 Information Technology Fair SIT 2014/International Economy Fair Mostar 2014

The conference aims to promote NEXT project and to emphasize importance of software development which will help exchange and transfer of knowledge and technology in region. Primarily, the Conference will introduce NEXT to local and regional stakeholders through a presentation at the meeting as well as at the showroom stands. Secondary, notable experts from IT world in the region, managers of companies and associations as well as representatives of the academic community, will present their innovative solutions in development and use of software in education and businesses. Companies that are going to introduce their software solutions at the conference will also have showroom for all five days of the Fair. All stakeholders and different visitors of this very important international fair will have opportunity of networking and B2B talks with leading IT companies in Herzegovina on a daily basis at the showroom stand.

Invitation and Agenda of the Conference

First Local Working Group with Universities and Centers for Research and Technology Transfer

Marche Region is organising, in the framework of the project NEXT, the first Local Working Group targeting Universities and Centers for Research and Technology Transfer. The meeting will take plase on the 08th April 2014 in Ancona. The activities presented during the meeting aim at supporting Universitites and CRTT to build relationships with the local communities located in the Adriatic basin. The event will constitute an opportunity to learn about the project and the opportunities it provides to the CRTT sited in the Marche region; besides, it will be an important occasion for starting dialogue and gather feedback, expectations and needs from the innovation actors to which NEXT intends to respond. The objective of NEXT project ( is the set up of a collaborative platform that supports the ‘innovation and technology transfer in the countries of the Adriatic’, through the creation of :

• a virtual space of integration and cooperation (online platform) for sharing information and for access to common services for matching supply / demand for R & I in the leading sectors of the territories involved;

• an orientation for the design of strategies for projects development, provided to the actors involved (companies, universities, research centers) in order to integrate and capitalize knowledge and encourage the transfer of technology, particularly in the areas of specialization of the Adriatic –Ionian Region.

For info and registrations:;;; Agenda of the Meeting