NEXT events in the framework of INNOV-ACTORS – Agenda

Save the date: 5, 6, 7 of June, Civitanova Marche (Italy) 

AGENDAMarche Region is organizing the event ‘INNOV-ATTORI: new challenges and opportunities in the European Context’. The event will be a place where different institutional actors and regional stakeholders will discuss about a participated governance of research and innovation policies.

The event, which targets local organizations, enterprises and Universities also coming from foreign countries involved in International Cooperation projects with the Marche Region, will be organized in plenary sessions, thematic workshops and B2B meetings. The focus will be on the role that innovation plays in terms of enterprises’ development. start-ups creation and public administration efficiency.

In this framework, several events focused on NEXT project have been planned:

  • Thursday the 5th: NEXT workshop – Start ups: how to gain investors – from 4 to 6 pm
  • Friday the 6th : NEXT workshop – Finance for Innovation: strategy and tools from the European programming perdio 2014 -2020 – from 10 to 12
  • First NEXT match making event: Business Speed Dating – from 10 to 13
  • Interview recording for the INNOVATION SMART PEOPLE GALLERY – from 10 to 17

Please be aware that interpretation Italian English is foreseen for the following events:

Thursday the 5th : Plenary session form 10 to 12:30 Workshop: Innovation voucher –form 15 to 17 NEXT workshop – Start ups: how to gain investors – from 4 to 6 pm Friday the 6th : Plenary sessions –form 10 to 12:30 and form 16 to 18 NEXT workshop – Finance for Innovation: strategy and tools from the European programming period 2014 -2020 – from 10 to 12 Workshop The opportunities for SMEs in Horizon 2020 – form 15 to 16.

For further information:

COSME, for supporting Sme


Period of implementation: 2014-2020

Total programme budget: EUR 2.30 billion in current prices

LinkCOSME pdfEC COSME website

The programme for the Competitiveness of enterprises and SMEs (COSME)’s aim is to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the Union’s enterprises, including in the tourism sector, encourage an entrepreneurial culture, and promote the creation and growth of SMEs.


  • Improve the framework conditions to make for the competitiveness and sustainability of Union enterprises including in the tourism sector
  • Encouraging an entrepreneurial culture and promoting the creation and growth of SMEs.
  • Improving access to finance for SMEs in the form of equity and debt
  • Improving access to markets inside the Union and globally

Supported activities

  • Specific objective No 1: Actions to improve the framework conditions for the competitiveness and sustainability of Union enterprises (384.4 million EUR)
  • Specific objective No 2: Actions to promote entrepreneurship (86.8 million EUR)
  • Specific objective No 3: Actions to improve access to finance for SMEs (1.4 billion EUR)
  • Specific objective No 4: Actions to improve access to markets (535, 6 million EUR)

SME Instrument


Period of implementation: 2014-2020 Total Programme Budget: 2.8 billion € Link:

Horizon 2020 is supporting Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) through a new dedicated SME instrument. SMEs can form collaborations according to their needs, including for subcontracting research and development work to apply for funding and support. In total, more than € 2.8 billion will be allocated for the SME instrument from 2014 to 2020, at least 7% of the total budget of the Societal Challenges and Leading and Enabling Technologies (LEIT) blocks of Horizon2020.


The aim of the SME Instrument is to fill the gaps in funding for early-stage, Research and Innovation SMEs and accelerating the exploitation of innovations. Projects will be selected through a bottom-up approach within a given societal challenge or enabling technology of  H2020. They must be of clear interest and benefit to SMEs and have a clear European dimension.

Citek in MED Programme

Marche Region (department of Internationalization) is a LP of the CITEK project, approved in the capitalization call for proposals and financed by the MED programme. This project is capitalizing the outputs developed from the previous projects of the MED Programme and from other EU Programmes such as Central Europe, Atlantic Programme, IVc etc. The Zadar County as a CITEK project partner is organizing, in collaboration with the Marche Region – dept. Internationalization, the first project mainstreaming event in Zadar – 8th May 2014 at the premises of Impact center. The event will introduce and treat the topics related to the new Partnership Agreement of Republic of Croatia, also in relation to the future territorial cooperation programs and their connection to the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region – EUSAIR. The purpose of the debates and discussions is to enable the identification of the priorities of the Republic of Croatia in relation to innovation and its connection with the new Strategy EUSAIR, as well as the identification of potential synergies towards financing among the priorities identified by the Italian regions involved in the implementation EUSAIR and Croatian territory, as well as possibly of the other territories that are participating to the Macroregional strategy

Banja Luka Start up Centre

BanjaBenefits of startup entrepreneurship, among other things,are:
  • speed to market,
  • stimulating the state’s economy,
  • business success and profit.
Successful startup companies typically have exponential growth. Therefore, if a company is not in the short term success recorded, the investment in it is minimal. Startup Entrepreneurship is one of the special form of lifestyle as these entrepreneurs are innovative and creative business people interested in different things. Accurate data on the number of startup companies in BiH does not exist, but these are considered those that operate within the IT and ICT sector. Official statistics on the success of these companies also do not exist, but according to international research, about 10 percent of the startup ideas experiencing success in the classical sense. Innovation Centre Banja Luka has signed agreements with four new start-up companies, from which Interfob Consulting and Technology SW enters into business incubator, a Smart Speed ​​Bump and Luke Sol in the preincubation phase. Two teams that have entered the stage of preincubation, are available for six months free use of the facilities and services of the Innovation Centre to develop their products to the expiry of this period to register and turn right at start up company. The idea is that small and medium-sized businesses offer legitimate software, which is free, and performs all existing tasks. Here more infos: zdravko@startbih.infowww.e/

The Regional Innovation Strategy of Vojvodina

The Regional Innovation Strategy of the AP of Vojvodina, North-East region of Romania and the region of Weser Ems, Germany were discussed at this workshop. The workshop is specific because such type of workshop was held for the first time in a country outside the EU; its aim was to bring together international experts at one place who will contribute to the panel discussion on the reviewed RIS documents. The BSC Centre and the University of Novi Sad, as well as representatives of Vojvodina, hosted the experts from Germany, Austria, Sweden, Great Britain, Hungary, Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. National experts from the University of Belgrade and Novi Sad, as well as experts from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development took active participation in the work. The Regional Innovation Strategy of the AP of Vojvodina (RIS APV) was created as a result of the implementation of the INTERRIS IPA Cross-Border Co-operation Hungary – Serbia project, financed by the EU funds.

Bizoo program in BiH

Bizoo program consists of three phases. Can apply all entrepreneurs , startups , teams , small and medium enterprises, and all those who are interested in entrepreneurship , and meet the following criteria . Bizoo Idea Factory is ideal for all entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs with interesting and innovative business idea and want to put on the market test . Through Bizoo Idea Factory selected entrepreneurs will have three types of training , including:
  • Training of creating a business model / Business Model Canvas Training
  • Training validate business ideas / Validation Board Training
  • Training of interviewing clients / Mama Test Training
Bizo Accelerator Program is designed for all newly established companies (startups) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) who want to improve their business. Bizo Accelerator program will startups in the program to provide resources such as space , mentors from various fields , helping to create business strategies and help in developing the prototype . Through a partnership with Google Inc. . , Bizo will each startup program provided $ 20,000 in Google services. Bizo Angel Network was formed by leading BiH entrepreneurs whose goal is to detect and investing in new innovative companies with high growth potential . Bizo Angel Network is interested to hear all start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises from all sectors in BiH.

Cross-border cooperation bw Croatia and Montenegro

The aim of the project between Croatia and Montenegro is to create a successful cross-border tourism products, primarily the development of active cross-border “cluster” of tourism entrepreneurs.  In the line with the new trends in tourism, through this project will be introduced innovation in the creation and promotion of tourism products by using ICT technology. Within this framework will be developed fully functional geoportal (web page on GIS platform ) and two mobile applications that will facilitate the gathering of information and improve communication with final beneficiaries. The project aims to establish collaboration between the relevant institutions, organizations, businesses and individuals in the direction of joint action in the field of tourism, protection of natural and cultural heritage, and community development and strengthening of human resources. More information here:‎  

INVO project in Montenegro

INVO project, implemented by Ministry of Science, is part of a comprehensive strategy framework Montenegrin Government for European Integration in the fields of science and science and research, and also its strategy for higher education. The project will support the initiative of the Government of Montenegro to ensure that universities and private companies are involved and benefit from research and development and technology transfer opportunities. INVO project consists of four components:
  • Reform of the financing of higher education and the introduction of standards for the provision of quality;
  • Development of human resources through initiatives internationalization;
  • Establishment of a competitive environment for research;
  • Management, monitoring and evaluation of the project.
Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science are the main actors in the implementation of INNO project, and it is planned that the project activities should be implemented for a period of five years, since 2012. until 2017., and financed by a World Bank loan, which amounts to 12 million euros .

Montenegrin participation to DT contest for innovation

Deutsche Telekom has announced the global competition for innovation, students, entrepreneurs, start ups did participate. The competition includes categories such as Internet security, e-health, mobile internet, the future of media and cloud services. Submitted ideas from Montenegro will be evaluated at the national competition, which will be organized by Montenegrin Telekom in May 2014. The winning team will thereafter enter the next stage of the competition, and will participate in the entrepreneur academy and the final competition of innovation in June 2014, which will be held in Krakow, Poland. Telekom will organize a series of workshops in Montenegrin schools, with the aim to introduce the competition and to provide an additional information on participation to the interested parties.