Compare your region

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OCDE, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development did publish a website OECD Regional Well-being  where is possible to have a screening of wellbeing indicators, measuring eight different topics: Environment, Income, Health, Safety, Access to services, Civic Engagement, Education, Jobs. So the benchmarking is more extended than mere GDP. Through the website is also possible to compare regions.

Take part to the 1st National Competition “Your Innovative Idea” in Albania!

The Foundation “Partnership for Development” (Tirana-Albania), in the framework of the Next Project activities, has undertaken the initiative to launch the 1st National Competition “Your Innovative Idea”, whose focus is to promote SMART People, Innovators Networking and the Innovative ideas.

On June 30, 2014 at 11:00 hours nearby the premises of the Faculty of Economy in Tirana/Albania, will be organized the Meeting for the launching of the Competition “Your Innovative Idea”.

The calendar of the meetings and events with stakeholders in Albanian territory for the promotion of this initiative will be shared in the upcoming days.