Report form IV International Stock of entrepreneurial ideas


 IV International Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas

  On Europe Day – 9th May, UDG was traditionally organized International Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas, fourth in a row. The goal of the International Stock is to foster the development of entrepreneurship, and business ideas, first of all, of high school and university students from Montenegro and the region. International Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas sends a message of awakening the entrepreneurial skills of students and young people in Montenegro. The International Stock brought together representatives of 30 of the most successful Montenegrin companies that, as a “demand” sides, bought up the ideas of young entrepreneurs. The International Stock is an event where high school and university students present their business ideas (“offer ideas”). This year 92 ideas were reported. The ideas are processed in accordance with the methodology established by UDG. The organizer has performed a preliminary selection of the applicants’ ideas and chose top 10. Accepted business ideas were presented at business ideas ranking, and according to the Rules and regulations of the business ideas ranking on the International Stock, they had the opportunity to be presented to “demand” sides. The ideas that did not qualify among top 10 are presented in the special edition of “The Book of Ideas” and presented companies had the opportunity to make a bid   for these ideas, too. All these ideas represent “Offers” at the stock market. The presentation of the IPA Adriatic project, NEXT Collaborative platform to support research and technology transfer was held within The IV International Stock. The presentation introduced the goal of the project, the establishment of an international web platform that will enable communication between business and the research sector in the Mediterranean region, as well as future activities.  Bearing in mind that the participants of the stock, “demand”  sides, are Montenegro’s largest companies (which employ 11 000 people in Montenegro), and that on the “offers” side were faculties  from the region, the sole aim of the project is practically displayed here. All participants received a booklet of project. This event has taken on a regional and even European character, and  this year turnover at INTERNATIONAL STOCK OF ENTREPRENEURIAL IDEAS has reached 25,000.00 EUR.  The participation of sponsors and leading companies from Montenegro is an additional guarantee for the development vision of the event. You can find detailed report in attachment.  

Marche Regional Authority – Innovation, Research and Competitivness of productive sectors Unit – Lead Partner Next

imageInnovation, Research and Competitiveness of productive sectors Unit (I&R Unit) is one of the 6 units of the Industry and Craftsman Department of the Marche Region. It is composed of 7 internal staff members. Regarding the drafting and implementing of CB projects, the Unit can be supported by the regional development agency “SVIM”. This is a company (100% share owned by Marche Region) with a total staff structure of about 25 members covering all phases of project cycle. Both the Unit and SVIM headquarters are well equipped with all the office and web tools necessary for the successful CB projects implementation and joint partnership coordination. In the last 3 years, the I&R Unit has injected in the regional economic tissue about 100 ml Euro from EU and State funds stimulating private investments (for about 300 ml Euro) in research, technological transfer, innovative practice, creation of spin-off, etc. to increase regional enterprises international competiveness.

Puglia Region – Economic Development Department – Partner NEXT

imageIn the Puglia Region Authority the Department for Politics for Economic Development and Innovation represent a major player in the implementation of politics for technological innovation of SMEs, business development and research. With more than 100 officer and administrator in the recent years the department has managed regional resources for research, innovation and information society policies 2007 – 2013 . It has suitable and experienced staff members in the management of cooperation projects and in the implementation of the specific activities envisaged in the project.

SEAT Pagine Gialle

imageSeat PG Italia is a full-service business partner which offers businesses 360-degree support for promoting their activity on the Web, through a nationwide network of 74 agencies (Seat Media Agency) and over 1,300 agents in Italy. Seat PG Italia’s Web marketing services range from website and mobile site construction and management to the creation of multimedia content, from activities regarding Web visibility to e-commerce and Web marketing services, from managing social network presence to couponing. These tools sit alongside “ traditional” print and voice tools. Seat PG Italia also offers consumers an ecosystem consisting of multimedia, mobile and print tools which make it easy to find businesses, institutions, people and services even when on the move. Seat PG Italia’s figures (2012 data): about 2 billion searches on its media, a customer base of about 400,000 SMEs, a database listing 12.5 million households and over 3 million businesses; a total of 44 million volumes (PagineGialle, PagineBianche, TuttoCittà), over 14 million calls (to the directory assistance services 892424 PPG and 12.40 PPB) and about 460 million hits from the Web and mobiles, and on advertisers’ online and mobile sites (www.paginegialle.it ,  www.paginebianche.it  ,  www.tuttocitta.it ). Read more:  www.seat.it/seat/en/index.html



Marche Region is organizing the event ‘INNOVACTORS: new challenges and opportunities in the European Context’. The event will be a place where different institutional actors and regional stakeholders will discuss about a participated governance of research and innovation policies. The event, which targets local organizations, enterprises and Universities also coming from foreign countries involved in International Cooperation projects with the Marche Region, will be organized in plenary sessions, thematic workshops and B2B meetings. The focus will be on the role that innovation plays in terms of enterprises’ development. start-ups creation and public administration efficiency. Furthermore, a expo area will be set up, where enterprises located in Marche Region will present technological solutions, prototypes, and innovative services that resulted from financed projects.

Donwload here the programme of the event. Specific information on NEXT events in the framework of INNOVACTORS coming soon. For further information: www.regione.marche.it innovattori.industria@regione.marche.it  

Bosnia Herzegovina Country Outlook

One of next project goals is to increase the awareness about the  assets that any territory can offer to the partnership. So, we have  cooperate to settle a Country Outlook with each partner. The sections of the outlook are: Economy and Swot Analysis,  Main economic sectors and clusters, Main data by Global  Competitiveness Index, Finance and Innovation, Stakeholder  directory. Next intention is to enhance data and information all along the project, so at the end we can present a more accurate physiognomy of each territory Here you can upload the BiH Outlook: CO BiH

The smartest cities in the world

Schermata 2014-05-20 alle 12.49.36The IESE Institute did publish his CIties in Motion Index (ICIM), that establishes a ranking among 135 cities based on 50 indicators along 10 dimensions: governance, public management, urban planning, technology, environment, international outreach, social cohesion, mobility and transportation, human capital, and economy.

If you want compare your city, you can go here

Metris, research in Istria

Schermata 2014-05-19 alle 10.28.36The research centre for metals in the Region of Istria – METRIS was established within the project Research Centre for Metal Industry in Istrian County – MET.R.IS. The contract of co-financing of the realization of the project , worth 740.000,00 EUR, was signed on 30th September 2008. The European Commission participated in the project with 485.440,00 EUR (65.60%) and the duration of the project was 14 months, i.e. until 30th November 2009. The project MET.R.IS. has been approved for co-financing within the New Adriatic Cross-Border Neighbourhood Programme  financed from the PHARE 2006 fund. It achieved the highest number of points on the ranking list of the projects evaluated by the committee and won the first place and the largest budget awarded to a project. The Partners in the project were the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) d.o.o., which is also the project leader, the Istrian County and the Italian Province of Venezia, with the support of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture from Zagreb and the Technical School, Polytechnic Studies in Pula. The main goal of the project was the creation of an infrastructural basis for innovative research and development in the metals industry in the Istrian County with the purpose to improve the level of the research and development projects put into operation and to influence the competitiveness of the Istrian and Croatian metals industry on the global market. The specific goal of the project was to provide research and development services for the small and medium sized metals industry operators (SMEs) in the Istrian County. http://www.metris-research.com/index.php?id=28&L=1

Mario Spacca: The Adriatic Ionian Macro-region strategy

Mario Spacca, MarcheRegion PresidentThe Adriatic Ionian macro-region represents an innovative way of territorial cooperation among regions and nations with the common goal of an inclusive and sustainable development of the communities that live there. The Adriatic Sea is the origin of our region history. It was the border between east and west and became a sort of extension of the Berlin Wall . When this is gone, the Adriatic was again opened, transforming itself from a frontier line in community. And  on this newfound unity and common origins’ rediscovery of the Adriatic Ionian macro-regional strategy finds its roots . The macro-region represents an extraordinary opportunity for the growth and development of this area, the realization of the process of building a common European citizenship. A strong run by a powerful push from the bottom. Even before the States, were associations and relationship networks to give input to the birth of the macro-region . The Marche Region has always supported and encouraged this strategy. We have worked hard for its realization . Now here we are: the birth of the macro-region will be made official the next Italian EU leadership period, and will be one of the main goals. The European Union is aware of the need to strengthen the weaker side of the continent, the south-east, and married the strategy with great determination. The same was done and continue to do by all European Regions. The Intergroup Adriatic Ionian – which I am honored to chair – the Committee of the Regions, has produced a considerable amount of suggestions, proposals and exchanges of views summarized in a document as contribution to the European Commission. All this in the belief that the needs of communities must be represented in a multilevel governance approach from the bottom to better address the problems and challenges of the Adriatic and Ionian region . We need to develop and implement projects by aggregating the structural funds of the EU macro-region countries and resources of the countries in pre –accession phase. A bottom-up effort that recalls the contribution of institutions , local authorities, economic and social groups and associations. The contribution of Marche Region  to this project route is particularly lively. In the Action Plan, an operational tool of the macro-region, various projects were included with our contribution. Among them, a Cloud Adriatic Ionian Initiative , a no-heavy infrastructure able to quickly communicate the communities of the macro-region. On this goal we have already collected the availability of the INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics ) for collaborating on the project . Another project regards the creation of a school on the French ENA model, to enhance the administrative culture of the macro-regional areas . There are also plans for development of SMEs, especially focused one networks creation, and the theme of physical infrastructures. NEXT is located precisely in this context. Its objective is to create a network of relationships and a platform for the exchange of knowledge among communities of researchers, research centers and companies of the Adriatic Countries. The theme of research and innovation for Europe is the lever to increase the competitiveness of the EU and boosting development. The collaboration among countries to innovate in a sustainable and inclusive way is the core of the new European 2014-2020 Programme. NEXT is a contribution of Marche Region to streghten the Europe 2020 strategy and an important step to building a strong and innovative market in the Adriatic area.     Gian Mario Spacca President of Marche Region