Take part to the 1st National Competition “Your Innovative Idea” in Albania!

The Foundation “Partnership for Development” (Tirana-Albania), in the framework of the Next Project activities, has undertaken the initiative to launch the 1st National Competition “Your Innovative Idea”, whose focus is to promote SMART People, Innovators Networking and the Innovative ideas.

On June 30, 2014 at 11:00 hours nearby the premises of the Faculty of Economy in Tirana/Albania, will be organized the Meeting for the launching of the Competition “Your Innovative Idea”.

The calendar of the meetings and events with stakeholders in Albanian territory for the promotion of this initiative will be shared in the upcoming days.

“Smart specialisation methodology” in the Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion

City of Šibenik is organizing workshop “Smart specialisation methodology” on 24th July 2014. The workshop will be attended by relevant representatives of City of Šibenik,  Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, Marche Region Authority – Innovation, Research and Competitivness of productive sectors Unit and Bussines Innovation Croatian Agency (BICRO). Special attendent of the workshop will be Mr. Grzegorz Orawiec from the Department of Regional Policy, Marshal Office in Kielce, who will explain the role of the private sector in the Smart Specialization of Regions and utilization of the on line platforms in that processes. The other topics of the workshop will be: – Smart Specialisation in Croatia, – How to make Smart Specialisation Strategy starting from the methodology developed for the territorial cooperation project – the case of Marche Region – The use of new technologies and inovations for development, – Presentation of NEXT IS on line platform. Contact person for this event: Ivana Bujas Rupić, project coordinator, City of Šibenik ivana.bujas.rupic@sibenik.hr See the workshop draft agenda here attached:NEXT_International_workshop_Šibenik

Information and Communication Technology

Within the scope of its thematic programme on information and communication technologies (“ICTs”) created in 2007, the WWTF aims to promote scientific projects and Science Chairs/ Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators that contribute to improving ITCs directly rather than applying ICTs to other disciplines. Projects may involve either information technologies or communication technologies or both. The projects should aim at studying substantial scientific issues tangential to ICTs which offer the prospect of medium-term utilization and exploitation. http://www.wwtf.at/programmes/ict/#c1934v


Publication date 2014-05-20 Deadline Date 2014-07-17 +17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
Budget €4,120,000 Main Pillar Supporting Entrepreneurs
Status Open OJ reference Not published in OJ
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a mobility scheme that allows potential or newly established entrepreneurs to spend a period of time collaborating with an experienced entrepreneur in another participating country. These mobility actions aim to help the entrepreneurs enrich their experiences as well as learn and network with entrepreneurs in other participating countries. The aim of this call is to expand and strengthen the existing network of Intermediary Organisations which act as local contact points for newly established entrepreneurs as well as experienced entrepreneurs in the participating countries. The purpose of the call is to select bodies which will act as Intermediary Organisations (IOs) to implement the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme at local level. They will, in particular, recruit and assist the entrepreneurs who will benefit the programme. This call will therefore support actions for organisations enhancing and facilitating the mobility of new entrepreneurs, and is not intended for entrepreneurs willing to participate in the programme. Proposals need to be submitted by public or private entities, in partnerships composed of at least 5 entities from at least 4 different Participating Countries. Participation of a partner in more than one proposal is excluded. The Intermediary Organisations (IOs) will be required to cooperate with all other organisations and authorities involved in the mobility programme. They will receive support from the existing Support Office (SO), which helps with the coordination and management of the programme across Participating Countries.   http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/cosme/calls/cos-eye-2014-4-05.html