For all businesses, research centers and innovation actors, please check here the document produced by the Lead Partner and its technical assistance on the possibility of EU funding for innovation projects! It includes calls of the EU programmes Horizon 2020; SME Instrument; COSME; European Territorial Cooperation until open September 2015


Within the project NEXT REDAH developed a study of using biomass for utilization of wood waste. REDAH spoke with companies from wood processing sector and collected the following data: 25 companies from wood processing sector produced about 7000 tones of wood waste annually, mainly sawdust and chunks, while plastic waste is separated from the wood. Task of this study is to evaluate the potential of biomass in the area of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, as well as potential of biomass that is available from the largest wood processing companies in the area of Herzegovina, e.g. Lignum Ltd. Mostar, Maoles Ltd. Mostar, Stolarija Kraljević and other wood processing companies in Herzegovina region. Study was developed by company Dvokut Pro Ltd.

Competition “Your Innovative Idea” Tirana Albania, 20 February 2015

Foundation “Partnership for Development” (PfD) will organize on February 20, 2015 at Hotel Tirana International in Tirana, Albania the:

 1st Competition “Your Innovative Idea”.

The Competition will be organized by the Foundation “Partnership for Development” (PfD) in collaboration with the National Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation (ARTI) and the Academy of Science, in the framework of the NEXT Project 023 “Collaborative Platform to support research and technology transfer” funded by European Commission in the framework of IPA Adriatic Program. This Competition is intended to promote the “SMART PEOPLE”, generate innovative ideas that provide solutions, minimize risks and maximize impact through the technology and intelligent methods, contributing to the development of various sectors of the economy by improving the life of citizens. This initiative will directly contribute to the NEXT Collaborative Online Platform by furnishing and supplying it in a sustainable way with the proposals of innovative ideas. The Competition agenda will be prepared and shared in the upcoming days. Foundation “Partnership for Development” (PfD) NEXT Project Management Unit  

IDC on Smart Manufacturing

IDC SmatMan

Smart Manufacturing is the way, for many countries, to revitalize many industries. IDC has published its insights in the report IDC PlanScape: Smart Manufacturing – The Path to the Future Factory.

Key findings of the new report include:
  • Use the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) equation to understand the potential benefits, and tie those benefits to financial metrics such as revenue, costs, and asset levels to justify investment.
  • Broaden the OEE beyond individual pieces of equipment to look at the overall impact on product lines, factories, and the whole network of production facilities.
  • Technology investment can be separated into capabilities related to connectivity, data acquisition, analytics, and actuation.
  • A unifying architecture is required to bring the technology pieces together.
  • Move toward an integrated governance model that incorporates both operation technology (OT) and information technology (IT) resources.
  • Choose an investment cadence based on the level of executive support for smart manufacturing.

Support for Sme – HORIZON 2020- EU Program for financing research and innovations

The initiative for Seminar organization is based on the estimation that currently a limited number of Montenegrin companies have the capacity to manage the complex process of applying for the projects on their own, but in the same time a majority of them need the financial support for introducing business innovations. The intention is to present the available forms of collaboration and assistance which are going to facilitate their access to the funds within Program HORIZON 2020. Apart from the presentation of the Program essential scope and characteristics, The Agenda is adjusted to SMEs need for being provided with an thorough and comprehensive insight into the optimal manners in which their innovative ideas, projects and aims can be supported by Program HORIZON 2020. We kindly ask You to confirm Your participation untill Thursday, 22nd January 2015 on the following contact addresses:,, or  fax:  020 230-493.  

frontiersCities for smart mobility

FrontierCities is one of the sixteen European accelerators under FI-WARE initiative which aim is to pave the ground for European developers and entrepreneurs longing to create their own digital business by providing mentoring, support and a total amount of EUR 3,920,000 in grant funding for innovative solutions in the smart mobility field. FC provides from €50,000 up to €150,000 to SMEs, Start-Ups and  Web-Developers through an open call  in order to develop and deploy smart mobility applications. More information here: How  to apply? frontierCities Call application process is a user-friendly 2-step process. Step 1 – Proposal Summary submission – 16th February 2015 Step 2 – Full Application submission– 16th April 2015 Register and submit your applications at


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