Albanian Investment Development Agency

imageThe Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), is the Albanian public agency whose mandate is to promote Albania as an investment destination to facilitate and support direct investments in Albania, to increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized Albanian enterprises, and promote and support Albanian exports of goods and services by providing support services as well as financial assistance to exporting companies.

AZRRI: Agency for Rural Development of Istria Region Ltd, Pazin

imageThe Agency for Rural Development of Istria, Pazin is a limited company 100% owned by the County of Istria, and works closely with all county authorities and businesses, especially with the Department of Agriculture of the County of Istria, on joint projects especially for linking the public and private sectors, and projects that build the public infrastructure for the rural areas of the county. AZRRI was the first agency of this kind in Croatia with a specific purpose to coordinate production-wise activities into rural areas of Istria.

Mini-conference: “Science meets Economy”

imageRepresentatives of the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd. participated at the Mini-conference: “Science meets Economy” on May 6th, 2014 in Zagreb.

The Mini-conference: “Science meets Economy” was held on May 6th, 2014 in Zagreb. There were more than 250 participants present: many different ministry representatives, science and economic experts, directors of national and regional companies as well as small and medium entrepreneurs.

European Business Summit 2014 – EBS 2014

Brussels (Square) / Belgium

The 12th edition of the European Business Summit (EBS 2014) entitled “The Business Agenda 2014-2019: Rebuilding a Competitive Europe” is Europe’s key platform for decision makers and business leaders to meet and debate how to build a more competitive and sustainable European Union. It will be a significant opportunity for business leaders to present their priorities – looking beyond the crisis and towards a more competitive and better-functioning Europe.

Innovation & Technology Conference

Sofia (Boyana Residence) / Bulgaria

This high level forum organised by The Ministry of Economy and Energy, hosted by Daniela Bobeva, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Development of Bulgaria and Anna Yaneva, Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy of Bulgaria will present the major public instruments in the European area of technology and innovation :

EU will offer €20M in prizes for innovators

The European Commission is planning to offer 20 million in prizes for researchers to offer innovative solutions to specific problems. A first pilot prize has been awarded this year to a company having delivered solutions to store vaccines without need for refrigeration and another prize, for which submissions are now closed has been launched with the aim of supporting the creation of apps for running local public services.

ISPBA: Thinking ahead of you


Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, branch of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, is a leading bank in Albania providing Companies, Institutional clients, high-net-worth private clients as well as retail clients in Albania, with comprehensive solutions, and excellent products and services. Business innovation and service improvement at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania are inspired by their customers. ISPBA Corporate and SME Division offers best banking services to bank’s Corporate and SME customers, combining Local understanding with International capabilities (leveraging on group platforms including Cross-Border Business and International Clients). Being part of an international group permits the bank to provide an exclusive service and added value to its customers. One of Leading Banks in Albania and significant player in almost all segments with a market share of 10.8% in customer deposits and 8.5% in customer deposits with a leadership in most attractive and innovative products: it’s Assets are 139.19 Billion LEK, Deposits amount in 114.70 Billion LEK while Loans reach 50.91 Billion Lek.  

Serbia Country Outlook

Schermata 2014-05-11 alle 17.46.19One of next project goals is to increase the awareness about the  assets that any territory can offer to the partnership. So, we have  cooperate to settle a Country Outlook with each partner. The sections of the outlook are: Economy and Swot Analysis,  Main economic sectors and clusters, Main data by Global  Competitiveness Index, Finance and Innovation, Stakeholder  directory. Next intention is to enhance data and information all along the project, so at the end we can present a more accurate physiognomy of each territory Here you can upload the Serbia Outlook: CO Serbia

Start-up Belgrade

Under the auspices of the Foundation of Prince Alexander for Culture and Education, ” Startup Weekend” is coming again on May 9 in Serbia. Last year, after being held in over 100 countries around the world and brought together over  60,000 entrepreneurs, was held in Serbia for the first time. Startup Weekend Belgrade brings together entrepreneur , startup enthusiast , software engineers , designers , marketing gurus , and all who are interested in the construction of small innovative businesses. ” Startup Weekend” is the perfect opportunity to meet with potential partners with whom you turn your idea into reality , and the ability for businesses already created to improve and come up with additional funding. Here more information  

Centres of Agricultural Technology Transfer (QTTB)

Following the decision of the Council of Ministers no. 515 (2006) on the restructuring of research institutes under Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection, five centres of agricultural technology transfer have been established. The main objective of these centres is to support the direct transfer of agricultural technologies to farmers by testing, adapting and introducing new agricultural practices, methods and materials, research on problems raised by local farmers, training of farmers, students, etc., provision of technical expertise, demonstration of new technologies in agriculture and support the ministry of agriculture in policy-making. In addition to the focus on the specific needs and priorities of their region, each centre concentrates on specific activities and agricultural crops as follows: 1. Centre of Agricultural Technology Transfer, Fushë-Krujë: Forage cultivation, legume (white beans), bovine, swine (pigs), poultry and integrated management of farm; services for soil and water; needs and other priorities of the region 2. Centre of Agricultural Technology Transfer, Lushnjë: Vegetables in greenhouses and open field; wheat; needs and other priorities of the region