Startups in Europe

Schermata 2014-11-19 alle 17.25.44There are two basic elements that have made the issue of startups to become one of the “hottest” of the moment. First, the development of the Apps, which followed the success of the smartphones; many of these have been developed by young graduates, and some have had a huge success. But even more, the financial crisis, with its heavy impact on the traditional labor market, has led many young people to look for a solution in self entrepreneurship. In fact, at least three years, the phoenomenon has become important at an international level. The study conducted by PEDAL Consulting for the “Startup America Partnership” map for the first time the European ecosystem, limited to ICT, remaining outside the biotech, hard-tech and clean tech. Nevertheless, a picture on Europe has a great interest, and Italy looks good in context. The top countries are the UK, Germany and France, London and Berlin are the most vibrant cities. In Berlin and London also reside the VCs most active. More comforting is the number of exits (ie sales of stat ups for investors who hope to transform the business), growing over the years: from 30 in 2011 to 37 in 2012, 54 in 2013 and only 67 in the first half of 2014 . Conversely, the number of startups has been affected by the crisis. One-fifth of the startups was initiated in pre-crisis period, only 8% in 2008. 63% benefited from seed funding or A (immediately after), while the crowfunding, widespread in the US, in Europe is little active. In this report, additional elements. The study is preliminary, it must be extended to the areas mentioned above in order to give a more comprehensive idea. There is no doubt, however, that the phenomenon is expected to grow, given the evolution of the labor market. Two phenomena that characterize the evolutionary trend: – The gradual disappearance of the job for life – The growth of the work related to the management of knowledge and the massive progressive automation of many tasks, not only manual

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