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Boosting event in Ancona

Last week, ten of the most innovative startups grown up in Marche region, and selected through the NEXT project, had the opportunity to scale up their business attending an investment readiness workshop on May 11th and pitching their ideas to professional investors the following day, on May 12th. The two days of activities was designed in a way to leverage the participation of SMEs/startups into the NEXT project, on one hand coaching the teams attending, and on the other hand giving them the opportunity to bridge the gap between investors and entrepreneurs. Ten startups have been selected between the applicants to NEXT catalogue and NEXT-IS Platform:
  • Soulshape
  • Kube Design
  • AESIS Therapeautics
  • Nutratech
  • Natural Clima
  • Un paese e cento storie
  • Freello
  • Polimates
  • Site Specific

Boosting event in Ancona, 12.5

On May 12 at the Marche Region, Sala Raffaello, ten start-ups / SMEs in the Adriatic will present their innovative ideas to private investors during a pitch lasting 5 minutes (see agenda, session 11: 00-13 : 00). The event is part of activities under the project NEXT and presented at various road shows organized in recent months in various locations in the territory. The main objective of the NEXT project is to implement a technology platform at the service of the various actors of innovation and research of the Adriatic Ionian: This event is intended to provide a concrete example of the activities that the platform-IS NEXT could support through virtual interaction between the various stakeholders, especially through the encounter between innovative ideas and potential funders. Those interested to attend public sessions can send an email to or contact the following no .: 071 8063625 – 8063602. Here the agenda Boosting agenda_regional stakeholders_draft_300415

Pitch event in Milan next 18th november

The event is being organised by Backtowork 24 – a service company of Il Sole 24-Ore Group -.
A pitch event consists in meetings between managers, start-up, innovative entreprises and private investors (funds, venture capitals, seed-capitals) in order to catch good opportunities in the capital private market (extra-bank) for financing innovative and promising projects.
More information are at disposal here.

how to present your idea in 2 minutes

An elevator pitch is the essence of your business plan or exploitation concept. Not lasting any more than one or two minutes, or the length of an elevator ride, a pitch should be compelling, well-conceived, and very well-rehearsed. This tool helps to collect and shape the information needed for any presentation to anybody you want to engage with, including an equity investor.