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Continuous change and S 3

A research leaded by Politecnico di Milano researchers is investigating on continuous change. The Format project Format opens a line of reflection on two crucial issues for Regions, and more generally to anyone involved in innovation. The Smart Specialisation Strategy of the EU forces us to pose the problem of finding, along with areas of excellence to be developed, also future developments in these areas influenced by KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) and any such emerging technologies can be born from these developments. It’s a good guideline to follow

NEXT envive for the future – Opportunity

Schermata 2015-04-29 alle 15.52.33 On July the NEXT project will end, but we would like to exploit the follow up of a three years collaborative project. So we have made a proposal to NEXT partners that’s open to new ones. You’ll find in attach two papers that explain how we would like to give continuity to NEXT:
  • In the coming years the Italian regions, Croatia and Slovenia, will publish calls for financing initiatives to develop areas of specialization chosen by their Smart SpecializationStrategy (S 3)
  • At the same time the EU through Horizon 2020 will play a similar role.
  • In Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania governments will proceed to strengthen themselves excellence with targeted funding.

This means that in the next 6-7 years, it’s opening a space of opportunities to seize on innovation. In the Adriatic Ionian Macro Region will be therefore to materialize projects and initiatives to address the needs of common development.