What to present to an investor

For a business idea or research result to be succesfully exploited, the entrepreneur or the research team must have more than just an innovative technology, strong business concept, and powerful plan. They must be able to effectively present what their investment opportunity is. The “Investor Presentation” is key for obtaining funding and/or launching a company. Entrepreneurs may be looking for equity funding to move their start-up or business to the next level. Researchers may be chasing private funding. What to present to investors helps to collect and shape the information needed for any presentation to an equity investor.

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Andrea Di Anselmo

Andrea Di Anselmo has more than 25 years experience in innovation support and company creation gained participating to international assignments and influencing strategic addresses as member of the BoD of intermediary organizations, research institutes, Business Angels Networks and SMEs. He is the Vice President of Meta Group, an international company active in the field of entrepreneurship and knowledge valorization. He is in the Board of Directors of ZMV, the management company operating the Ingenium seed funds in Italy, Slovenia and Poland. He is the President of INSME, the International Association of SMEs. He is one of the CEI-AMI list experts for Smart Specialisation.

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