Adrion starts

The Adriatic-Ionic Adrion Program, approved by the European Commission decision of 20 October 2015, has as its primary objective to support the European strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian region (Eusair), to encourage integration between the partner states, relying on natural, cultural and human resources existing in the areas of the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea and enhancing economic, social and territorial cohesion of the area. The Program was launched in Bologna on 9-10 december. The four thematic objectives on which the program interventions are: ‘Region innovative and intelligent’, ‘Sustainable Community’, ‘Region connected’ and ‘Better governance for Eusair’. These thematic objectives are closely related to the four pillars of Eusair, namely Blue Growth, Environmental Quality, Region connected, Sustainable tourism. The program will therefore strengthen research technological development and innovation, to preserve and protect the environment and the efficient use of resources in combating transnational environmental vulnerability, the fragmentation and the preservation of ecosystems. Attention will be paid also to the promotion of sustainable transport, removing bottlenecks in key network infrastructures and strengthening the capabilities of integrated transports, mobility services and intermodal area. The objectives will be implemented through projects involving regions of at least three Member States. Can participate in tenders for public authorities (or equivalent) and private entities. Projects are expected to average about 1.5 million euro with a transnational partnership made up of 3 to 10 individuals. Co-financed by the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund-ERDF, Adrion has available financing of 83,467,000 Euros, in addition to 15.7 million IPA funds (Instrument for Pre-Accession countries) with a co-financing rate up to 85% which, for the Italian public entities should be added the possibility of applying the 15% to the national revolving fund. The program involves the following countries: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece – EU Member States – and Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina as a pre-accession countries. The Emilia Romagna region has been designated as the Managing Authority of the program. The Italian regions admitted to the program tare he following: Lombardy; Trentino Alto Adige; Veneto; Friuli Venezia Giulia; Emilia Romagna; Marche; Umbria; Abruzzo; Molise; Basilicata; Puglia; Calabria; Sicily. Program information can be found at the official website of the program:


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