Boosting event in Ancona

Last week, ten of the most innovative startups grown up in Marche region, and selected through the NEXT project, had the opportunity to scale up their business attending an investment readiness workshop on May 11th and pitching their ideas to professional investors the following day, on May 12th. The two days of activities was designed in a way to leverage the participation of SMEs/startups into the NEXT project, on one hand coaching the teams attending, and on the other hand giving them the opportunity to bridge the gap between investors and entrepreneurs. Ten startups have been selected between the applicants to NEXT catalogue and NEXT-IS Platform:
  • Soulshape
  • Kube Design
  • AESIS Therapeautics
  • Nutratech
  • Natural Clima
  • Un paese e cento storie
  • Freello
  • Polimates
  • Site Specific
The workshop held on the first day, was focused on specific topics, like: differences between different types of investors/capitals; criteria for making an investment; “how to pitch” do’s and don’ts. Furthermore, the presentation decks of startups were revised in order to make them more attractive for investors. Professionals operating in the investment sector at different levels were invited to attend the boosting event. The organizations involved were:
  1. IBAN – Italian Business Angels Network (the greatest business angels network operating in Italy)
  2. Red Seed Capital (a venture capital fund headquartered in Milan)
  3. Ingenium ER (a venture capital fund headquartered in Bologna)
  4. Digital Borgo (a business angels network and accelerator operating in Pescara)
The pitching session offered to all entrepreneurs attending the workshop on the first day the opportunity to present their ideas in a maximum time of 5 minutes each, followed by brief Q&A session. After the networking lunch, investors had the chance to set up private one to one meetings with entrepreneurs for further questions on their proposals and giving them their feedback. In the end, to sum up the outcomes of the event, entrepreneurs improved their capacity of formulating a value proposition for investors, and investors had the opportunity to touch with their own hands the high-level of local entrepreneurs and the activities carried out by Marche Region to leverage their entrepreneurial spirit and helping them to bridge the market gap. Here you’ll find the tutorial: How to pitch NEXT Enclosed startups and speakers presentations

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