Fast Track – Innovation Pilot

The Fast Track to Innovation Pilot, operational since January 2015, is a pilot project characterized by a “bottom up” approach that allows you to submit proposals in all the thematic areas of LEIT (Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies) whose main components are 6 Key Enabling Technologies (Micro and nano-elechtronic; photonics, nanotechnology, advanced materials, biotechnology and advanced manufacturing) and the Social Challenges of Horizon 2020, in particular those related to environmental sustainability and efficient use of resources. It is an action that promotes innovations “close to market” (starting from a level of “maturity” that coincides with the technological demonstration prototype field – TRL 6), with the obligation to come to market within three years after ‘beginning of the project. Proposals must be submitted by a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 partners located in at least three Member States or associated UE28 Program Horizon 2020. Business involvement is mandatory . There are the following conditions: 1) at least 60% of the budget of the project must be in the hands of industry partners; 2) the minimum number of subjects belonging to the industrial world must be 2 for partnerships of 3 or 4 participants and 3 to 5 of partnerships. The Community contribution can cover, granted, 70% of the eligible costs (100% for non-profit entities). They are invited to take part also actors that can play a key role in the marketing process (end user organizations, clusters, industrial associations, incubators, investors etc.). It’s particularly appreciated the involvement of SMEs and “First time industry applicant” or companies that have never participated in EU programs to support R & D. The maximum contribution per project is € 3,000,000. The pilot project is being implemented through a call always open with some “cut-off dates” during the year. The last cut-off of 2015, on which it is possible to envisage the construction of a viable proposal, is December the first. 


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