NEXT IS future – perspective for the on line platform – by Antonio Santangelo

The joint assessment of the partners was appreciation for the quality of the NEXT IS platform. Although it was a fairly long process, the wealth of content that have already been loaded by the partners it is a wealth of information on the rare countries in the macro region. Waiting for it to be operational platform, the Committee has decided to start the blog online (, and to use the platform of the Marche Region dedicated to innovation: Marche Innovation, that is operational since 2009. The two areas have functioned as a training ground for partners and have collected information and data that gradually were generated by the project. The on-line platform of NEXT IS allowed to duplicate the data and information on the two environments. Now, with the end of the project, the idea is to finalize differently the three environments:  
  • The blog shall become a place for reports and news;
  • NEXT IS can be managed as social platform, where exchange ideas, projects and data and create conversations aiming at the establishment of possible joint measures;
  • Marche Innovation will become the repository of project data, i.e. the consolidated figures;
  • The platforms are going to be hosted on the cloud of the Marche Region, solving the problem of sustainability of the platforms, as regards the content produced by the project.
  The partners have decided for an agreement laying down the operation principles of the platform NEXT IS, stressing its collaborative mission and the strategic context of the Adriatic Ionian macro-region. In this moment, it is important to give a perspective of development: platforms must be alive, have to be continually updated in content and be filled with ideas and initiatives coming from the territories. It is therefore important that relations born in NEXT are kept lively and further developed. One possible solution is that the partners develop local clones of NEXT IS, so they are in the local language sections of the platform, making it accessible to as many local people as possible. NEXT IS would serve as a federal site, managing therefore¬† interregional relations.

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